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  1. If you go to the Detroit Diesel website and search their locations it will show all DD service locations in the area. It also shows the types of service they can provide.
  2. Good Morning, We are planning a trip to Knoxville, TN and would like campground suggestions. We are in a 45 foot motorhome with a toad. We plan to spend 2 weeks in Knoxville. Has anyone stayed at Raccoon Valley Camp Ground in Heiskle, TN? Comments and suggestions are welcomed. JR
  3. We bought the coach used, it drives and handles very well. It is comfortable for the three of us (my wife, the dog and myself). JR
  4. Looks like a visit to the Dollar General is in my future. Thanks again JR
  5. Ok thanks, how much hydrogen peroxide do you use per gallon of fresh water? JR
  6. Hello all, I know this is an old post, but I am ready to sanitize our potable water tank. Our water tank holds 175 gallons of fresh water and question how much bleach to use to sanitize the tank? I've read to use 1 cup per 10 gallons up to 1 gallon per 100 gallons. What would you all recommend? JR
  7. What is the best time of year to go to Utah?
  8. Would like to wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all. Safe travels.
  9. That is a good idea, one I would not have considered. Thanks
  10. We will be "moving" from Missouri to Florida. The motor home plates are due for renewal in May and our car is due in August. We have most everything set up electronically already, so we want a service that will scan and or shred most of our mail. I am in the process of getting insurance quotes for health, motor home, and our car. Looks like we will choose mail forwarding service between either Saint Brendon's Isle in Jacksonville or MyRVmail in Crestview. Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks
  11. Thanks, I have a lot of work to do and time is getting close. JR
  12. My wife and I will begin full timing April 1st. Our house is on the market and we will need to establish domicile, we first considered South Dakota but we have some concerns about the Medicare options available. So we are now considering Florida as our domicile state. What mail forwarding service would you recommend? We currently belong to both GoodSams and Escapees clubs. Are there other services that we should look at before committing? We will be purchasing a new tow car within the next several weeks. What kind of hoops will we need to jump through to get our motor home and toad registered. Would welcome any and all advice.
  13. We would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels during this holiday season.
  14. All signed up, hope it is really going to work this time.
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