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  1. Glad to hear members are having a much easier time getting enrolled in the plan. And I agree, if 25 GB is enough for your needs, it is an excellent plan.
  2. The network VAS uses for roadside services 80 million drivers. 75% of new vehicles (both auto and RV) use the same network VAS uses. I think the method of choosing qualified repair centers is a bit more extensive than your suggestion.
  3. Manholt/all, The member was able to drive to the qualified repair center. Mechanic on site diagnosed the problem immediately. As with many repair facilities, they were booked and could not do the repairs immediately. The member wanted a Cummins certified dealer and didn't want to wait. Member was informed up front that a tow to the Cummins dealer would not be covered. The policy says closest qualified repair center. Not the customer's preferred dealer. Any other roadside has the same policy and would have handled it the same way.
  4. We looked into this and wanted to update the situation. The member was able to drive his coach to the closest qualified repair center. Since they were not a Cummins certified repair shop, the member chose to have it towed 90 miles away to the closest Cummins certified dealer. The policy was followed, as it clearly states that towing is covered to the closest qualified repair center. After reviewing the file, VAS decided to allow the claim at what their provider would charge. Pretty confident that most providers would stick to the policy language and not reimburse the tow. Very happy with VAS in their decision. VAS also reimbursed the member for trip interruption. Both claims were paid and closed. In the future, I would advise to make sure the tow is covered before scheduling it. Especially since the policy is clear on how towing is covered. VAS provides unlimited towing to the closest qualified repair center. If you are 3 or 300 miles away from one, it is covered.
  5. What are some of your favorite websites to visit? Whether it is for finding information about your RV, connecting with others or lifestyle related.
  6. PM me your email address and I’ll have someone from Verizon reach out and get it corrected. Sorry for all the issues you are having.
  7. I think this post and others attacking staff members John and Pam are the big reason why you don’t see them and other staff and executive board members post here often. Not sure why you are appalled or surprised. The point of Jon’s response was to respond to your accusations that staff went “rogue” and changed the name of the publication. In the end, the executive board approved of the proposed name. That is their purpose- to represent membership and decide policy for staff to follow. I’m sure you understand why membership doesn’t vote on every decision. You have questioned staffs owning of RVs. Not sure why that is relevant. Same as me saying you couldn’t possibly have a respectful opinion about the magazine name or this new proposed article because you aren’t an editor or writer. The executive board and governing board all own qualifying units. They are the ones who set policy and direction. Staff executes. For your information, Pam Kay does own a motorhome. She has been a family member of FMCA for a long time. She has edited , produced and written your magazine for over 30 years. I would match her knowledge of RVs up with anyone. We just had over 2,600 units attend our Perry convention, which is the largest event since 2011. We had a nice turnout of non-motorhome units. I can almost guarantee that not one attendee who owns a motorhome had a “watered” down experience. There were as many seminars as before pertaining to motorhomes. Will be the same with the magazine redesign.
  8. Our team has been working to bring the FMCA app to Apple devices. If you have an iPhone or iPad, we need your help to beta test. The Apple store has a unique way to test beta apps, which requires you to download an external, free app called TestFlight. With TestFlight, you’ll be able to test the FMCA app, and your feedback will be sent straight to our IT Team. If interested, please sign up via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JX27B8Q. Once you sign up, FMCA will e-mail you testing instructions. Thanks in advance for your help!
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad it is working well for you.
  10. Thank you sir. A little boy. As you can tell from my post times, sleep is hard to come by!
  11. I totally agree with this. And I think the proposal will be made to allow it.
  12. Jeff, We had a big bright red box on the front of the magazine saying important member vote inside for three months in a row. We blasted every member with an email record to let them know. It was posted on social media several times. On the forums. Front and center on the website. The top RV websites and blogs picked it up and spoke about it. There was a special presentation in Chandler to let members here about it. Every member was given the same information that a chapter member was. How else do you suggest we make members aware about future votes? I can't think of any other possible way.
  13. Are you Tom Crowley by chance? The president of AIM? https://www.aimclub.org/AIM-Officers
  14. Please forward me all emails you have sent FMCA to csmith@fmca.com. Please include your name and phone number, I will make sure someone from Verizon contacts you.
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