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  1. Herman, when did I go broke? I lost a lot on a printed magazine 35 years ago, but did not go "broke," and paid off my bills. And in the process I learned a lot of lessons. I will "do anything to attract attention?" Come on, how do you draw that conclusion? Like any business person I seek attention to grow our circulation. And it works. We dwarf FMCA in readership. RVtravel.com is financially solid. We have four employees, not 35, and we publish about 400 newsletters a year, all in the black. Printed magazines are 20th century; just look at the industry statistics -- Chuck Woodbury
  2. We are in touch with Gary's family and are updating his condition at https://rvtravel.com/gary-941 . His condition as of Friday night, April 3 was critical but stable, in ICU on a ventilator. He's been in the same condition for more than a week.
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