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  1. Thank you, I'll give it a try. hope that fixes the issue and it isn't something else..
  2. I have a tech. question. I have a 2016 Thor Vegas and when I went to start it today to run it for awhile both the house and the vehicle batteries are dead--can't even start the generator.. some how I left the house battery power switch on and it drained both batteries. my question is how do I charge or jump start the batteries? or will it recharge the batteries if I connect it to a shore power source--I had an outlet installed on the out side of my garage and have a 50' RV power cable... should I just call AAA.
  3. We are new at this so this may be a silly question but is it a good idea to have a leveling system on my 26ft. Thor Vegas? If it is, then what type would be the best to go with and is it easy to install and operate?
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