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  1. If you can work in the road from Fort Collins (KOA there is good) to Larimie WY (hwy 287) you will have a great drive with changes in geology, flora and fauna. On your way north to Mt Rushmore stop by as many parks as you can in southern Utah. There are several people that blogged about trips in this area this last travel season. We are heading for Yellowstone, Glacier and Tetons about this same time in the spring/summer. Cathi
  2. Thanks for asking this question. We had a lot of trouble in September back in the Midwest. We plan to stay in the western states, but I know that won't eliminate the problem. I have been looking at some of the repellents mentioned above and will now plan on making purchases before the next season starts.
  3. Thank you for the reminders and suggestion on how to make this the 'auto' response. Cathi
  4. Weiss - Welcome to the forum. We have the big brother from Nexus - a Bentley. I hope you enjoy you new rig and get to go on some weekend/vacation trips while you are still punching the time card. Cathi
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