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  1. We are motorhome enthusiasts. We love motorhomes. We use motorhomes and we are experts in this field. No need to apologize for who we are or that we like to meet. We're not doing anything to be ashamed of. It is who we are and why we want to belong to a Motorhome organization. Anyone got a problem with that? Nuff said. Now vote NO and send your ballots in please. signed, a motorhome afficionado and darn proud of it!
  2. I spent the $2.75 and sent my "NO" vote Return Receipt Requested.
  3. I'm with you Chindog. I think this issue has been unfairly treated. I've seen articles and letters in the magazine for months now saying how great it will be to let towables in but not one article supporting the opposing view. Even the website says it is time for a change and how great the ammendments are but again no counter point is provided. Also I find myself taking offense to the suggestion that remaining a motorhome club that does not accept membership of those not using or owning a motorhome is somehow prejudice. Every club has some common thread, ours happens to be motorhomes. Jayco owners have a club where you must own a Jayco. Coachmen COA has a similar club and requirement. And there are clubs like Good Sam where the common thread is simply camping. I think we need to focus on our common links and not worry about what we are not.
  4. Tomas24

    CB radio

    Channel 13 comes to mind. I think most of us turn to 19 because of the trucker talk.
  5. I don't think calling people names Bill will win you any supporters. I joined FMCA less than a year ago because they are a fun group of motorhome owners, who enjoy motorhomes and who use motorhomes and who camp or live in motorhomes and who know a lot about motorhomes and who enjoy talking to newbie motorhome owners such as myself about .... motorhomes. Do you see my point? It's about having fun with good friends who all share at least one thing in common and that is motorhomes. FMCA has a long established history and reputation for being a club of motorhome enthusiasts. What other club offers motorhome enthusiasts a place to meet up where the topics are always related to motorhomes?
  6. I'm 60. Not retired yet but hopefully in two more years {fingers crossed}.
  7. We were pretty lucky I guess. Our chapter Penn Coachmen FMCA reached out to us right away. We got a phone call to see if we got all of the FMCA materials, if we had any questions, and if we would be attending the Centre Hall Grange Rally ( which we did attend and had a great time). I thought all FMCA chapters did this sort of outreach. I'm sorry to read they do not. The phone call really meant a lot to us.
  8. Two questions: is it too late to stop this foolishness about becoming a non-motorcoach organization? And are we ready to start our own "retro" spinoff organization - maybe the PFMCA (Purely Family Motor Coach Association)??
  9. Other thoughts about towables, if FMCA changes itself to allow towables, it can never go back to a motorcoach only club. There are clubs for towables now; Airstream has several, Coachmen Owners Association even Good Sam. FMCA would still have to compete with these clubs and what would FMCA offer that would be unique and what would draw people with towables in? All clubs are shrinking for many reasons. FMCA will have the same membership problems with or without towables. The unique feature FMCA offers it's membership is it's long history as a motorcoach club. Having a motorcoach is the common thread. Without that it is just another camping club. If the powers that be are dead set about inviting towables, why not stick to the original plan of having a separate club? That way we'll see if we can attract and sustain significant towable membership before changing the core FMCA and its history forever?
  10. We followed the usual progression; 6 years with Jayco Popup, 4 years with travel trailer and just bought 2017 Class C last September. Could not wait to join FMCA! Some folks in our COA group were also FMCA members and all had wonderful things to say. We attended the Centre Hall Rally over Memorial weekend and had a blast. So many differences between towables and driveables - we were very glad to get advice from experienced motorcoach owners in Penn Coachmen FMCA! We do not tow another vehicle so if FMCA accepts towable RVers I hope they continue to offer transportation at Rally's and Conventions to all side excursions. Would love to caravan across country sometime - Alaska would be awesome! We are 59 and 60 years old, no children living at home.
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