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  1. One thing all RVers have in common is the use of roads and associated infrastructure. You might argue that RV owners pay more taxes than the non-RVing public and therefore should have more clout when advocating for improved road surfaces, rest areas, safe overnight parking, and battery charging stations. Sales and use taxes alone can add up to $300 per month depending on individual circumstances. Add to that insurance at $100 per month and the impact can be seen right away. Consider also that a day’s journey consumes about 30-40 gals of fuel and uses enroute food and parking, plus attraction fees, the benefit to the providers of such services and taxes paid are not insignificant. The amount involved can easily total $300 or more per travel day, and $100 for stationary days. What is FMCA doing to advocate for the members when it comes to infrastructure at all levels of government?
  2. These are the continuing voyages of the Canyon Starship 3953. Received full Canada Customs refund on 17 March 2017 after two interactions with the official office to provide information they already had. Cleverly we left the Starship in storage at a lot next to Buffalo RV, so we did not have to deal with Canada Customs again. Sold our Canadian home in one day, and handed it over 10 April. Left on next major Voyage to Escapees Rainbow Plantation Resort in Summerdale, Alabama, and visited with friends in Pensacola FL. Stopped near Pittsburgh PA, and Marion VA, then Gadsden AL. One of our feline droids passed very suddenly at the end of March, so we continued with Rudy and Mikey. Back to Livingston TX with overnight in Lafayette LA, through swarms of Love Bugs (yuck), and then on to Phoenix and Cotton Lane RV Resort in Goodyear AZ with overnights in Fredericksburg TX, Pecos TX, and Deming NM. In May we traveled to Colorado Springs for Memorial Day and to escape the beginning of the scorching summer heat. We removed the useless recliner near the entry door and put a 10,000 BTU portable A/C unit vented to the outside and along with the two 13.5 rooftop units we managed to offset the 115-degree outside temps through the first week of July. On return to Arizona we relocated to Pueblo El Mirage where we purchased a golf course home and put our Canyon Starship in resident storage. In early July, we purchased a Club Car golf cart that matches our coach paint scheme, and replaced Yuri the Yaris with Yoda the Yaris when Yuri was involved in a hit-and-run on 9/11/2017. We decided to put the Starship up for sale as our contract with the USAF only granted two weeks of holidays per year, and we just didn't want to have the coach sitting idle for long stretches.
  3. What sharp little eyes you have IanBullock. On our maiden voyage we decided to keep the toad registration as Ontario since that's where we live most of the time, but we are in the process of shifting domicile to Texas so once we return to TX with the toad we will change the plates then. The RV was purchased in NY State, and they installed the base plate on our toad, and we drove it on an 'in-transit permit' to Livingston TX (good catch Manholt) to register it in Texas. We made the mistake of taking the RV into Canada temporarily to load it up for the first trip and CBSA required us to pay 5% GST on the purchase price (this was almost $10,000) and they told us we could apply for a refund when we removed it from Canada again. Well we did remove it within 10 days, applied for the refund, and are still fighting the paper war to get our money back more than three months later! The bureaucracy!
  4. These are the voyages of the Canyon StarShip 3953 and her launch Yuri the Yaris: 15-17 November 2016, Niagara Falls ON to Escapees Park, Livingston TX, via FMCA campground in Cincinnati OH (excellent benefit!), and Tom Sawyer RV Park, West Memphis AR; 22-23 November to Colorado Springs CO KOA, via Ole Towne Cotton Gin RV Park, Quanah TX; 29 November-01 December to Goodyear AZ Destiny RV Resort, via Santa Rosa NM and Deming NM; 03-11 January 2017 to Buffalo NY via Albuquerque NM, Oklahoma City OK, Dallas TX, Livingston TX, Hazen AR, Horse Cave KY note we had some engine surging while accelerating and Ford arranged to have us seen in Texarkana TX - new air cleaner installed and seems to have fixed it we had our main awning (Dometic) ripped off by crosswinds just west of West Memphis AR - a minor scratch on the coach, and a couple of dents on the toad all repairs were done by Newmar under warranty including more than US$800 on the toad, and replacement of the awning and repair of the coach side scratch, etc We are preparing to relocate to the US in the next few months. Destination: Superstition Views RV Port Home community in Gold Canyon AZ. Well crewed by Cathleen and Leonard Campaigne (Federated 1988), three feline droids (Rudy, Mikey, Simba), and bearing FMCA Egg F337565 (since 2004).
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