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  1. Used Blue OX for three years with 2010 CRV. Very happy with it. No braking system yet, we only drive in Texas.
  2. My wife and I had never camped or RV'd. I plan on retiring in a few years. With the used RV market the way it was, we purchased an older motorhome with only 8,000 miles for under 25K. Our philosophy was if we don't like it we're not out much. Because of my work schedule (shift work) and many many overtime hours we use the MH maybe once a month when we go to campouts with our local RV club. We absolutely love it. We plan on upgrading to a newer coach upon retirement.
  3. I would be interested. Health insurance is the only thing between me and retirement.
  4. A friend of mine had his CC number stolen. The CC company called him the first day the card was used out of state. Saved him a lot of headaches. I've had to call Discover when vacationing. A small inconvienence compared to the alternative. Certainly I'm not responsible for fraudulent use of my card, but I am partly responsible for recitifying it and spending my time doing it.
  5. Make sure the P-traps in the sinks and showers are full of water. After sitting for some time mine have gone dry and caused odors in the MH. I use Happy Camper in both gray and black tanks along with plenty of water. Works for me. One other thing, using the exhaust fan in the bathroom when flushing is a no no.
  6. Common courtesy and consideration for others also applies to the people waiting.
  7. Before I purchased my CRV I owned an '08 Accord. The service manager at my dealership said this; If you tow a vehicle that is not approved to tow and transmission damage occurs, the dealership will determine the cause. If it is determined that the cause was not towing related, the warranty will cover. He also said they have installed many baseplates on Accords without any problems and furthermore, just having baseplates would not affect the determination of warranty coverage.
  8. I change my F53 V-10 oil myself, it takes less than an hour including the grease. One little tip. I take a 2 liter coke bottle, cut the ends off and slice it down the middle and then wrap it around the front axle. I let the oil fall over it and into my used oil pan. I use synthetic oil in all my vehicles.
  9. Many states like Texas don't require a fishing license when in a State Park.
  10. This is an interesting note: I tow a 2010 CRV. The owners manual states specifically NOT to put the shifter in reverse prior to neutral. Must go from Drive to neutral. Something to do with the gears will still be in reverse mode when shift from reverse to neutral. I wonder if that may be a problem with the Fusion?
  11. I installed a Clean Dump the weekend I bought my MH. Very easy to install. Great thing. I've never used a 3" and hope I never have to. I also pump 75 feet at the house to a cleanout. As far as convienience, it can't be beat. I really don't think it takes me much longer to dump than others I've watched using the slinky. I drive a little faster so it all equals out. Besides, what's your hurry? I think you'll find most that have used macerators like em.
  12. nalcon

    iRV2 forum

    I received my first "warning" from a moderator last night for sarcasm (not this forum). Not allowed he said. Well, I was criticising him. I am a short timer. Only 2 years owning my first motorhome. Prior to and after my purchase I used these forums to gain some knowledge. And did I. I learned more than I could have from books and experience. Reading BillAdams posts made me an expert at satellite setup. Thank you. Now I help others on forums and at cg's. I actually appreciate some strong disagreement on the forums, especially when some post absolute BS and give advice that could be dangerous to others. People who post misinformation about electricity should be called out. People who misquote laws and claim you will lose everything in a lawsuit should be called out. On irv2 you can pretty much say anything, true or false, as long as you don't use the "forbidden" words, and certain members feel obligated to reply to everything whether they know anything or not. Anyway, this forum seems to be a happy medium. I like it and thanks to all for learning me good. Charlie
  13. I took an empty 2 liter coke bottle and cut the spout off and sliced it down the middle. I wrap it around my axle and dump the oil on top of it. The oil runs off into the catch pan. Same with filter.
  14. Wilbar, Keep us posted on the RVI. I have read about it and I like it. Thanks
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