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  1. I find that when I remove the oil drain plug the oil hits the axle and makes a big mess. Do you have a suggestion? The filter oil hits the axle also. In the March issue of MotorHome magazine on page 54 is Easy Oil Change Valve that you could slip a plastic hose over the outlet and it should work great. Has anyone tried it? Thanks for any help.
  2. Google SMI. I think it is the best system on the market.
  3. I have just had an SMI supplemental braking system installed and it has three red LEDs that sit on the dash to be seen by the rear monitor in the motorhome. The monitor is not in color; therefore I cannot see the LEDs. I have not selected a replacement LED yet. Any suggestions?
  4. I have a friend that has towed 5 speed manual shift Camry for years. The first one got wrecked and he is now on the second one.
  5. We tow a 2003 Honda Accord. Here is what we do: 1. After the tow bar is hooked up put the Honda in reverse and let it move back enough for the latches to click on the tow bar. 2. With the engine still running shift to Drive then to Neutral and turn the key to accessory. 3. Then tow at any speed.
  6. Here is what I did and it works great: In the toad I used a 10 amp fuse at the battery and connected the anode side of 2 six amp diodes in parallel to the hot wire from the motor home. For more current and less voltage drop put more diodes in parallel. They come in packs of 4 at Radio Shack.
  7. Go to SMIbrake.com and see the units (one for air brakes and one for non-air). They require 2 signals to operate-brakes from the motor home and the control in the toad. With these units the brakes are only on when the motor home brake is on and the signal from the controller that says you are slowing. When you get ready to travel, just flip a switch.
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