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  1. Dee Blocker USMC 1963-1966 0311-Infantry Parris Island (boot camp) Washington D C (arrived there the day before JFK was killed) Camp Lejeune NC Cruised Europe twice Gitmo Cuba Camp Pendleton CA Okinawa Chu Lai S. Vietnam Went from a boy to a man in a little less than four years.
  2. I have a 2007 tiffin phaeton QSH. Do you have a ball park cost to change all the carpet to wood. Also to just do the bedroom. Dee
  3. F457930

    Info on FMC

    Thanks Carl. We will be in Shawnee. I will make it a point to look ya'll up. Dee
  4. F457930

    Info on FMC

    do I have this right? fmc inc is like a subsidiary of fmca and was formed as a tax strategy. thanks for the responses. I hope I didn't come across badly. I am just a curious soul with to much time on my hands.
  5. F457930

    Info on FMC

    I understand that the executive board for fmca is made up of elected volunteers who serve with no pay. Is this also the case with the board of directors of fmc inc. do the profits that fmc inc makes go into the coffers of fmca. just trying to understand the connection between the two and why there is an abundance of info on fmca and none on fmc inc.
  6. F457930

    Info on FMC

    I can not find any info on FMC on line. Not who owns it, not who works there, not who profits from it, nor how they profit from it. It does seem to be a closely guarded secret.
  7. How do I get info on the relationship between FMCA and FMC?
  8. Looking to spend a couple of weeks around Denver toward the end of July. Any suggestions on places to stay are appreciated. dee
  9. I have the polished aluminum wheels. They seem to oxidize and look like crap soon after I polish them. Is it possible to put a chrome finish on them so that they shine with soap and water? Or if not chrome something else? It takes a lot of elbow grease to get them shiny and doesn't seem to last long. thanks
  10. It was the check valve on the hot water discharge at the water heater. Took much longer to access the compartment than it did to change out the valve. thanks for the help.
  11. I just replaced the anti siphoning valve for my black tank washer. While it was off and after I replaced it I lost water pressure on the hot side of all my faucets. I have good pressure on the cold side. it dribbles a little water when the faucets are on hot. It acts the same on city water or on the house pump. If I bypass the water heater I get pressure when the faucets are turned to the hot side. I don't think there is any connection between the valve change out and loss of pressure. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. I believe that FMCA's best selling point is that it caters to motorhome owners only. That is the one thing that sets it apart from GS. I am also a GS member because the financial benefits are worth the price. I choose to be in FMCA simply because it provides motorhome info that I am interested in and the opportunity to socialize with like minded folks. I have friends and relatives who own towables (great people) that I have talked to about FMCA benefits. They are not interested in the things FMCA provides. I think FMCA is about to give up its niche in the RV world. Good luck to us. Dee
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