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  1. thanks for the input. Went out to coach this morning. Still getting a clicking sound when trying to start at generator. Went inside coach and tried to start just for grins. It started and i ran it for about thirty minutes. I have no idea what changed. I must be living right, Again, thanks for the help. dee
  2. have a 7500 onan genset when I mash the preheat or start button all it does is make a clicking sound. will not start. I had medical issues and have not started it for about four months. any ideas?
  3. f457930

    2015 Monaco

    Looking at a 2015 Monaco with a 600HP cummins. Comments please. Dee
  4. Thanks for the input. About what I expected from the research I have done. I was hoping for the one guy with a positive reply. Maybe a fix for the problem from Cummins. I really like the coach but will most likely heed the advice given here. As for the big engine I thought I might have some drag racing opportunities and being a child of the sixties I wanted the biggest engine. Thanks Dee
  5. I am looking at a coach with this engine. Have heard of problems with it. Any input about it would be appreciated. 650 HP Dee
  6. We usually stay at treasure lake but it is a private campground. You may be able to stay there if you belong to some other group. Might be worth a call. We have stayed at Americas Best campground during rallies. Nice place and very convenient to all the shows. There is a state park right on the lake. I have not stayed there but it looked decent on a drive by. Dee
  7. need pros and cons on a2014 american heritage from anyone who might have owned one . info on model years close to 2014 would also be helpful. dee
  8. I tow a ford f 150 behind a 2007 phaeton. Bought the truck new to use for tow vehicle. First ten to fifteen thousand miles I towed the truck I acquired numerous paint chips mostly beside and above the headlights. I bought and use a blue ox shield that attaches to the tow bar. It seems to have worked the past four years and thirty-five thousand miles. It is a bit of a pain to install. You need to be somewhat fit as it is awkward to handle and install by yourself. The original paint chips have not gone away, not sure why????? Dee
  9. Thanks guys. Right now I am doing the covid thing but get back involved when i am better. Dee
  10. I am considering upgrading our coach. Looking for recommendations on financial institutions. Any suggestions would be helpful. Just getting started with this. I do have a coach in mind to buy. I will be trading a 2007 Phaeton. By the way, USAA is only making loans of 35k because of the virus. Dee
  11. I didn't know that Tiffin had the wet bay problem until after I bought the coach and discovered it. I was new to the motorhome world. I placed my trust in the people I paid to inspect it. Yeah, I missed it. I guess I'm just not as smart as you two. Dee
  12. I bought a 2007 Tiffin Phaeton from PPL in Houston in 2015. All the paperwork was handled very professionally and the salesman was very helpful. I paid for the PPL inspection and also hired another inspector as a precaution because my knowledge of motorhomes was minimal. Both inspections found minor problems that I considered when making an offer. After I took possession of the coach and got it home I discovered I discovered I had a wet bay problem(A very common problem with tiffin motorhomes in that time period). The flooring material rots and comes apart when it gets wet. When I confronted PPL with this they stated that their inspection did not cover this although it plainly stated they inspected for water damage. After some heated discussion with the sales and service managers did not get results I presented myself to the president of PPL. The best deal I could strike was to split the cost of repair 50/50. The total cost was roughly 2,000 dollars. I discovered about a year later the cost for Tiffin to do it was about 1,000 dollars. Having said all this I would probably still use them again if the need arises. If buying a used motorhome you must do due diligence up front on such an expensive purchase. Dee
  13. I have FMCA roadside assist. Had a flat tire in OK about two years ago. They were very helpful. They had someone call me to discuss the details and the service company did a good job. It took a while for them to get there but I was forty miles from nowhere. The only problem was I got tires that were about a year old. That was my fault for not mentioning that to the service company. I thought they were mind readers. Dee
  14. contrary to my first post, I do have to be in Camp Verde on march 13. I'll just have to watch the weather and adjust. I knew I needed four wheel drive motorhome with snow tires. Oh well. dee
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