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  1. Thanks for the help jleamont, I sure hope this is all there is to this adventure. It sure has been a trying time, if it did not fit our budget and need I would get rid of it. Thanks again for all the help. Jim
  2. Well rented a car and headed to S.C. Thanks for all the help. bm02tj my son came up with the same info on the crank and camshaft sensor. Amazing how it would crank up and run like there nothing wrong and run even stronger with the new fuel pump and it finally gave up the ghost. This time of year they are swamped with RV business in Florida, flocks of snow birds heading south. Will update when I find out what ills it. I can't thank you guys enough for all the help, thanks Jim
  3. You could try the code reader route, let me know the code/codes you retrieve if any. I would carefully inspect the fuse boxes, one under the hood and one under the dash, look for water signs or loose connections, mostly at the power feeds. The one under the hood unsnaps from its mount, you should have enough wiring to be able to flip it over, unsnap the back protective cover and look inside for loose connections ag Yep, the check engine light comes on when key is turned and goes Here is the update and it is not good. Went through all the fuses and it seems that the tail pipe smells like gas fumes but no start, found bad fuse and I now have running lights again. My son is pretty good with trucks and he tried the code reader and no codes or history of codes. I have tried to start it in P and in N and moved around some while cranking no luck. Battery is good and it spins very fast and I keep the battery charger on to maintain good voltage. For some odd ball reason it must not get any spark, hoping to get someone to look at it tomorrow. Finally warming up some in sunny Florida. thanks again for all the ideas, Jim
  4. Thanks again for the replies, i tried it twice first thing this morning and no go, boy was I sweating it with only a 1/8 tank of LP and upper 20,s and low 30's in Jacksonville Fla tonight! Tried it an hour later and it started right up, can't figure it out! Will buy a hand full of mini fuses tomorrow and change all the ones that was mentioned, I also tried the code trick no codes with the key on or running?? The shop mentioned to examine the grounds, engine, frame and coach. I will keep plugging and hope this electrical gremlin is found. With all this computer and electric stuff us old motor heads don't have a chance, plugs, points and condenser, what was wrong with that ! Thanks again for every reply, Jim
  5. Hello, I don't have any night time illumination lights, dimmer on dashboard lights is inop, flash, brights inop, running lights inop, tried starting it again this morning it would not start. I started it at least 4 times yesterday and no problem firing right off, starter spins the engine fast enough to get oil pressure, that pretty good. Being a old motor head this has me baffled and I bought a code reader and did not get a code trying to start or when running? This is a fine running engine, no smoke and not a lick of trouble before. Thanks for all the feed back, Jim
  6. Thanks for the reply, 2000, 2830G, Ford V-10, 62,000 miles. It started every time I tried today but would not start yesterday after many tries also I have no dashboard lights, running lights also no radio. I pulled every fuse all good, changed the fuel pump relay. I am going to clean the negative connections, engine, frame and generator. I still have front head lights, door open chime, overhead lights, horn and I do not have flash brights but have headlight brights, brake lights and blinkers are fine. It yells FUSE !! Thanks for all ideas, Jim
  7. Well my camper still retains it name, SOME TIMES. Replaced fuel pump and drove from S.C. to Jacksonville Fla. and it would not crank, spin fast but no light. $ hours later I turned the key just for the heck of it and it fired right up ?? Drove down to Orlando and started twice a day and every time it started, drove back to Jacksonville and no start, tried this morning and it fired right up ??? Any ideas ? Thanks Jim
  8. Thanks Rich for replying, I miss explaining the actual operation of this part. It is for a accident to stop the flow of gas in case of fire, as of this moment it is not starting. I was in a thunder storm and a lightning strike was very close and it all started then. It is truly aggravating! I will either replace it or if I can bypass it all together. It is in a tight spot up under the dashboard on the exterior wall passenger side. Definitely no fun! My wife was the one who noticed the message on the frame when I had the front hood open, something about a 20 second reset mode, does it have a fuse, I still don't have it down to a science. All ideas are very welcomed. Thanks Jim
  9. Seems that the collision avoidance reset button, (fuel pump reset button) on my V-10 Ford pops for no reason. I have finally learned to reset it and wait 20 seconds before it will turn over and start. If not it will just turn over, also can hear the fuel pump when the key is turned on but no start. Looking for some input on solving this aggravating problem, may need to change her name to SOMETIMES !! Thanks Jim
  10. Thanks for all the great info. Going to start doing the suggestions that were mentioned. It is a old coach but it fits us really well and we have enjoyed seeing this beautiful country. FMCA community is awesome and making new friends are the icing on the cake. Thanks Jim
  11. Bill I got so excited after watching that you tube video I went out in my PJs and flash light to look at that anti sway bar adjustment, I don't have that setup on a E-450 ford. BUMMER, I thought I was on the road to non cardiac arrest driving! Blue Ox was a no go also for my year, only went back to 2004. I have done a considerable amount of reading on FMCA since I joined last March, I remember reading about the motor home bouncing over a speed bump no more then 1&1/2 times or you need new shocks. Thanks for the speed bump info wolf10. I stood on the door step by the drivers door and it did not feel sloppy or bounce very much at all. It seem a lot of videos are for the class A. It did look like a small not very strong steering damper. Back to the drawing board for more awesome ideas. My name is Jim, I use my son Sean for all my user name, it keeps it simple for a old man. Thanks again
  12. It is a good thing this is all written in front of me or I would never keep up with all these questions. 4 wheel alignment no, Ford E-450, 60,000 miles, new brakes and tires install right before I bought it, has done it since the day I got it. The first time I was on a entrance ramp merging on to a interstate and a semi passed me at 70 mph, it was a life changing experience, I have never been the same! I would have thought that the front tire wear would give me a clue to what was going on as toe in or out. I have pulled over to a rest area and applied the brakes firmly to see if it would pull left or right, negative reaction. Will do some crawling under front end and investigate. I would like to thank you guys for giving me some great insights, I am truly thankful for such a great bunch of people that are willing to help others. Take care, Jim
  13. Thanks Bill for answering, it wanders and seems to make it's mind to stay left or right and stays there for awhile. I have even tried to turn my wheel and put on the brakes to change it from favoring left or right. Have drove 8,000 miles since I bought it last December with no unusual tire wear. Since driving this thing I have lost a few good years of my life and I am 64 so I don't have a bunch left!
  14. Has anybody familiar with these shocks Bilstein B6 (C) Front Shock Absorber - HD - 60,000 miles and is white knuckles all the time.
  15. Jim DuBois USAF E-4 2yrs 6months 14days CREW CHIEF F-4 Kunsan AFB Korea 73-74 Tyndall AFB Panama City, Florida May 72 to Dec 75
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