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  1. Interesting experience with FMCA Roadside Assistance. Just leaving Great Falls MT, I had a drive axle park brake air can spring break and rupture the diaphragm. Lost all air which stranded me on the side of the Road. Called FMCA Roadside and they said they would dispatch at Tow Truck. Received confirmation that the Tow Truck had been dispatched and would arrive in 60-90 minutes. So all was good! ....BUT.... shortly afterward, FMCA notified me that the "Provider could no longer complete the job". They said I could find someone myself and then submit the bill for payment. I explained that the shoulder was narrow and I posed a risk to traffic. They offered to call the Highway Patrol which they did. .... The HP responded and when I explained my predicament, they found a Tow Company and even recommended someone who could do repairs one I had MH towed to a safe location. Now the Interesting Part ... Turns out the HP called the exact same provider that FMCA did and they would be on site in 45 minutes. They were able to clamp an air line, back off a slack adjuster and get me moving to a safe location. Talking to him, it turns out that FMCA would not pay the going rate and only offered him 1/3 his normal rate. He could not provide a low-boy and flag truck/person for that so turned down FMCA. Clearly what FMCA reported to me as the provider not able to do the job was actually, FMCA's failure to pay a fair rate. I wonder how often this happens? If FMCA is going to offer Roadside Assistance, then they should be prepared to provide it when needed. I would not mind paying a higher rate for my large motorhome provided I knew I was going to get help when needed. Also, I am disappointed that FMCA would lie saying the "Provider would not be able to complete the job" when in fact it was just that they were no willing to pay a fair rate for the service. It is expensive to operate a flat-deck truck/trailer, provide a flag truck with flag person all for 1/3 their normal rate.
  2. We are going to our first Convention in Tucson this March. Will be travelling with 2 dogs (yes, we always pick up after them and are mindful of not disturbing others). I see in previous posts that they are welcome, but just wondering if there will be a designated pet walking area? I do not want to just walk them anywhere and upset anyone who is not as fond as dogs as we are!!
  3. To share my perspective, I am a new member who joined specifically because the FMCA was focused on motorhomes. I have been RVing for 30+ years in various pull behinds and a couple of Truck Campers. In all those years, I have found the Good Sam Club to meet my needs very well. Earlier this year, I purchased my first motorhome and joined FMCA as a result. If FMCA changes to include all RVs, then I believe it will just dilute the market and split the owners with Good Sam and others. There will no longer be any reason for people like me to use FMCA because I find that there are more benefits with Good Sam with whom I still maintain a membership. I suspect that FMCA may become irrelevant and fade away as they will find it a challenge to compete with Good Sam. Time will tell. I am just sending in my vote this week and will be voting No.
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