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  1. Hi All - One reason for the frequent overheat issues with diesel pushers is the engine crank case breather tube constantly puts out an oily smoke that is in front of the radiators (engine, turbo aftercooler, dash and coach a/c, transmission) -- so the oil coats the radiators as we drive down the road. Then the dirt and dust in the air sticks to the oil and the radiators foul in short order -- causing overheat problems. To cure this cause, look under the engine area with the engine running and warmed up. You will see a smoking hose or pipe pointed down. Turn off the engine, safely block the wheels, and let it cool down. Climb under, and add a piece of pipe to the breather tube end with as few fittings as possible, and run it out past the back bumper. Now the oily smoke will be behind the radiators when you drive, so will not be able to coat them with oil. Our breather was a rubber hose, so we just inserted a piece of pipe, and hose clamped it. If yours is a solid tube, you could use a short piece of hose with two hose clamps to make a coupling between the two pipes. This should greatly extend the time between cleaning, and I would think an air compressor blow out, followed by a garden hose should be about all you will need (that is how we clean large construciton equipment radiators). If yours is currently oil fouled, you may need to go to a shop and get it cleaned, but do the fix first and you may not need to do it again. It cost over 600 bucks to have Freightliner clean ours, then someone told us how to fix it (in a Wal Mart parking lot -- THANKS BILL!!) Pete
  2. Hi Mis Kitty - You can take it to any CAT On Road dealer and they can hook it to their computer to tell you if the engine has ever thown a trouble code, and what that code is, and the recommended fix. They didin't even charge to check ours - and we had NO CODES!! Whoo hoo!! The reason to let the engine idle for 5 minutes or so after a drive is to allow the Turbo Charger to cool down. They get very hot, and just turning off the engine can cause them to cool too rapidly. Same suggestion as before - get the codes checked at a Cat On Road dealer. Good Luck!!
  3. Hi All - Winnebago got back to me today with instructions and details to assist. I will let you know if it doesn't work!! Thanks for the quick replies!!
  4. We want to replace the front TV in our 2000 Itasca Horizon 36LD Motorhome with a Flat Screen TV. The existing CRT TV squeaks enough to drive us crazy when driving. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to get the old CRT out, and can't figure it out. Can someone tell us how to get the CRT out, or direct us to a site that can? Otherwise we will just have to cover the whole area in plastic, smash the screen with a hammer , and cut the plastic TV frame out with a sawzall from the inside out, removing the TV piece by piece. Then, once the old CRT is out we should be able to figure out how that area is assembled. Then we can complete the dis-assembly without damaging the motorhome - and figure out how to best install the new flat screen with our cabinet maker. Thanks for any help!! Pete
  5. We just replaced the radio in our 2000 Itasca Horizon. It was a Sony and the whole audio system was wired around it. We called Sony and they refered us to Best Buy. Turns out Sony still makes several modles that fit the same hole, and use the exact same plug and wiring -- and are of course better than the original. Took me more time to read the directions than it did to replace the radio!! I'm sure that there is a car audio dealer somewhere near you that stocks Sony products.
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