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  1. Received a call from Denny Kiley this AM. He said my order was sent out today. Thanks Denny for resolving my order.
  2. Here we are almost two years later and I having the same issue as the OP.
  3. 1. How many miles do you typically dinghy tow your vehicle yearly? 10,000 to 15,000 2. What is the total tow mileage you have on your vehicle now? 12,000 3. What is the total tow mileage you expect to put on the vehicle before you upgrade to a new vehicle? 100,000 4. When towing, what is the average amount of time between stops? (be it restroom or fuel)? 3 hrs 5. How often do you stop for a period of 10 min or more? (be it restroom, stretch, eat, fuel)? 4 hrs 6. What is your preferred cruising speed? 65 to 68 7. Do you use a rock shield? Yes 8. Where does the rock shield mount (bumper,towbar,dinghy, or... so what type)? Tow Bar Towed a 2006 Trailblazer for 50,000 really nice to tow. Now have a 2012 Buick Enclave Tows good. Don't like the locking steering wheel and leaving keys in ignition.
  4. We'll be there. Arriving Sunday the 8th. (Governing Board arrival day)
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