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  1. Verizon FMCA Unlimited plan

    There is no such thing as unlimited anymore. But as others have pointed out, it depends on what happens after you reach the cap - ranging from so called deprioritization to 3g to modem speeds. That said, I haven't used mine much but I did notice severely reduced speeds (about 5 Mbs). It has been a fine paperweight though. :-)
  2. Verizion Pulls Out of FMCA Agreement !!!

    So, I just wanted to say, I am one of the new members who created a fmca membership and then requested the Verizon deal moments later. I was later told its on hold and I'll have to wait like everybody else. We are a couple that has had a longtime interest in rvs and are finally pulling the trigger this year. I have never heard of the fmca to be honest but when I saw the deal I tried to grab it. I was actually quite impressed I got any response at all as I figure they must be overwhelmed. The truth is, the deal is exceptional and I'm not sure how fmca negotiated even a limited number from Verizon. Not knowing anything at all about fmca, I don't have any hard feelings and so I plan to explore the other membership benefits and see how it all plays out over time. Just wanted to say that not everyone who picked up the offer online is necessarily a bottom feeder. :-)