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  1. Well as I may have previously posted we have been full timing for 1 week. We had our home on the market last year but to no avail. After doing a few updates to our home we put it back on the market mid May. We had an offer within days but that fell thru. But mid August another offer slightly higher than the first was made and Sept 29th we passed papers. We too had 1 yard sale in Aug and then the moving sale in Sept. I gave 8 large bags of clothes to Big Brother BS in August and then several more clothes and bedding to St Vincent DePaul in Sept. When people asked where we were going to live my husband would point to our MH. Then it got to be a joke of 38yrs in our home to a 38' MH. But we made it with just a few tubs of stuff at our son's home and that will probably be reduced when we revisit it. We are still near our former home of Halifax MA but will hit the road the 25th of this month. Russ has had it with leave raking and snow shoveling - warmer climate here we come. Marcia
  2. My story goes: We were going to FL for our sons wedding. My husband hooks up the car but I do the brake buddy inside. Well not towing very often I forgot to put the transmissionin case in neutral. We stopped 3 nights but never disengaged until we reached our destination. When we did it made a real funny loud noise. Guess we better check that out. Well after going to a national dealer we ended up having to get a new transmission. Big $$$$. Lucky our son's car was available while he was on his honeymoon. Then to further our trouble when we left on our slow journey home I shut off the key and locked the tires as we turned out of the CG. We traveled about 10 miles when a cr pulled up beside us and told us our tire was smoking. A call to AAA got us back o the road but again we had to puchase 2 new tires more $$$. Have I learned my lesson I hope so but DH makes a last minute check as I do with his hookup and lights. Marcia
  3. We have been full-timers for one week now. My question is do you belong to clubs/chapters or do you just freestyle? By that, I mean do you just look up where there is a rally and go without knowing anyone? We have never belonged to a local club because we do travel alone, but we have met others who belong to clubs (local) and thought maybe we should belong but don't want to get locked into where they go regularly. I guess what I'm asking is, Can we just sign up for a rally and go if we are in the neighborhood?
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