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  1. I usually stay at Union Grove park on Stillhouse Hollow Lake every November. During the winter they say that only certain sites are available but if it fills up they will open up the next loop. If you dont have a reservation that is ok, just call ahead and ask them. The sites do have elec and water but the dump station is located between the camping area and the gate. There is nothing fancy there but if you like deer you may see them walking through you site in the mornings or evening. Most sites are $24. https://www.recreation.gov/camping/campgrounds/232728
  2. I do 9-10 Scottish festivals a year so I usually make them a 5 day weekend I do use the electricity to keep the batteries up and I set the heat about 45° after I have dumped the water out. you can leave the air on but they will put a meter on and you will have to pay extra for that. this place is not on a major highway and it sets back off the road a ways so most dont even know its there.
  3. I keep my coach at a place that is fenced, managers live on site, cameras, and gated. It is in the Denton, Tx area. It runs me $79 a month with electricity for my 36' coach.
  4. Thanks manholt, the only thing I still would like to do is tighten up the steering a bit more. I have one more festival to go to in 3 weeks then I will pull the steering box and send it to Redhead to be rebuilt. 😉
  5. Here I am getting ready to unhook and park on my fist trip for 5 days.
  6. Boy is Jim in trouble My load sticker does not list CCC but you have to figure it manually “LOL” My GVWR is 30,000 minus UVW of 24460 equals my NCC of 5540. My UVW does include full load of fuel, oils and coolants but not water or LP. With that said I travel by myself and don’t take that much stuff maybe 2,500 (water, lp, food, clothes, and junk) I can stay within my GCWR of 36,000 I hope that looks like 24,460 +2,500 =26,960 then take the GCWR 36,000 – 26,960 = NCC of 9,040, my truck weighs between 6,900 and 7,200. Does that look about right?
  7. My coach is a 325 hp DP, the GVWR is 30,000 and the GCWR (GVWR + Towed item) is 36,000. The GCWR should be on one of your coach ID stickers.
  8. It will look something like this, and be sure you get a 50 amp male to 30 amp female http://www.campingworld.com/power-grip-adapter-50a-male-to-30a-female
  9. Thanks DBenoit, as a adoptee I got to meet my birth father once in 1978 but at the time we could not be sure if he was for various reasons, he passed in 1991. In November of 2016 I found a lady to take a DNA test that was related to him and he came up as a match and then I matched another lady that matched also. Our relationship is by my Grandfather and my Grandmother.
  10. Is anyone else going to the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor Memorial Society convention in Albuquerque, NM in May? I am hoping to make it if things workout. I would like to talk to anyone that my dad may have known but those odds are dwindling very fast now.
  11. I just got a Garmin 770 and it is very nice but like all of they after I create a given route I will take Basecamp and fly the route in Google Earth to make sure its not making a turn where I dont want to go like take a exit and then right back on the road "LOL"
  12. Just wondering if you might be using a 2" bar in a 2 1/2" receiver? I have a 2 1/2 receiver on my truck and I have a sleeve that slides in before I put one of my 2" ball hitches in and pin it.
  13. Check the fuel lines for crack too, this was my problem on my 97 Foretravel.
  14. Thanks Brett, When I go pick it up someday, I am going to try and get a plant tour and ask a lot more question of them "LOL"
  15. No way??? That's not bad at all. I wonder how a Uni-Frame coach will handle it?
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