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  1. I am also a two time Roadtrek Owner. A 190 and now a 210. If all the posts on the Class B forum are as judgmental and cantankerous as this, I will be another one who never posts. With that said It would be nice if there was an active class B forum, where non class B owners would refrain from commenting unless it was a positive addition to the topic.
  2. Please be patient and focus on those that embrace you. In every group there is a difference of opinion, but for me and mine we say "Welcome!". You will be bale to help other TT owners feel extra welcome.... Happy Trails, Synde
  3. Hello all and Merry Christmas, Does anyone know a Solar company that gives a FMCA discount? I need a full system, (300-400W) and want to get prices on kits and fully installed price. (I'm in CA) Thanks so much for your help! Synde RT 210V
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