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  1. TXiceman

    How I lowered my insurance premium

    We had Safeco for two years and then with no claims, tickets and for no reason, jumped our rates almost 30%. It pays to shop about every 3 years. Ken
  2. TXiceman

    Do Not Buy A Winnebago 5th Wheel!

    People usually do not have any empathy for a single statement rant. Ken
  3. TXiceman

    Texas Drivers License

    Bruce, we had to go to 3 different locations, before they could understand that all we wanted was the short exam for the class A and not the CDL. We had talked to the commercial enforcement office in Austin and had a name and a phone number. The last place we tried, we gave them the officers name and number. they disappeared to the back and about 15 minutes later, they came back and told us we did not need the CDL test, only the short test over a couple of chapters. It sounds like they are trying to give you the CDL test. Ken
  4. TXiceman

    Scams when selling

    Not new. This has been around for years. Last RV we sold by private sale was handles by direct bank transfer. When money was confirmed by my bank, the title was signed and the RV was released. Talk to your bank about how to avoid these problems. Ken
  5. TXiceman

    Heater motor runs when plugged in to shore power

    If all else fails, pull the 12 volt fuse that feeds the furnace. Ken
  6. TXiceman

    Dealer applied "5 year" Wax.

    The one thing that the 5 year wax will cover is loading up the dealers wallet. Read the warranty. You are probably required to have the dealer apply a yearly reseal to keep the warranty in effect. Keep you money in your pocket and use one of the Dry wash wipe on wipe off waxes every year of 6 months. Ken
  7. TXiceman

    Texas home

    We find most of Texas very friendly, but we are native Texans.....my wife claims that i will stop and talk to a fence post if it will stand still. I find the least friendly areas are Austin and Dallas....to many foreigners there. Ken
  8. TXiceman

    Texas home

    We like central Texas, but the property values there have gone insane as well as the taxes. Austin has grown and sucked in all of the nice smaller towns near it. Our preference on is east Texas. Lots of trees, hills and lakes and the property values are not insane yet. Ken
  9. TXiceman

    Cell Boosters

    We use the Wilson WeBoost cell booster for the RV. Works OK as long as you have a weak signal. But with no signal, you have nothing to boost. Ken
  10. TXiceman

    Tire inflation

    Escapees Smart Weigh will give the weight on each individual tire or tire pair with duallies. Ken
  11. TXiceman

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    Because FJ and Pilot are ripping off the RVers, that is my last choice for fuel. If I have to fuel at on of the rip off places, I gt just enough plus a few gallons to get to my next destination and fuel there. We use GAs Buddy to check fuel prices for or cities down the road. If it comes to it, I'll drop the trailer in the parking lot fuel, reconnect and move on. Ken
  12. TXiceman


    We have been more then pleased with our On The Go 16000. Be sure and run a sediment filter in front of the softener to keep sediment out. Ken
  13. TXiceman

    Special seminar on tire info for trailer owners

    How about ... Which tire go and which tires blow? Ken
  14. TXiceman

    Where to get your RV weighed

    Escpees make it painless and you will have you weight at each wheel, not just by axle. Ken
  15. We never have a reliable wireless network, so we went with Marcell. So far it has worked fine. Ken