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  1. Gasoline has a much lower ignition point than diesel and with the high compression of a diesel, will be prone to knock and premature ignition. https://www.bellperformance.com/blog/accidentally-mixing-gasoline-and-diesel-fuel As little as 1%, that is 1 gallon in 100 gallons. You have about 15% gasoline. I would not start the engine and get it to a diesel shop to have the tank drained and the engine checked. Contact your engine manufacturer. Ken
  2. Coleman RVP heat pumps have a temperature sensor in the outdoor coil set fro 18 to 20 degF. The coil operates approximately 20 degF below the ambient,,ie 38 to 40 degF. When this limit is reached, the compressor is shut off and the furnace is started. If the indoor temperature is 5 degF below the thermostat set point, the furnace will also come on. The unit will cycle three times on the outdoor sensor and then lock out the heat pump for furnace only operation. To reset, you need to turn the unit off st the thermpstat. I am not sure how the Dometic units operate. Ken
  3. txtiger, you can attach the cell antenna to a wooden painters pole. The higher the better. Ken
  4. we also us the WeBoost 4G set up. In addition to the omnidirectional antenna we have the Yagi directional antenna on a push up pole attached to the rear ladder. Most of the time the omni works fine, but at times we do need the Yagi to get a connection. Ken
  5. Tell the insurance adjuster that you will need a place to live while the RV is being repaired. They can pony up for an apartment. in 2014 we had a truck repair and the other fellows insurance paid for our campsite for 3 weeks while the repairs were being done. Ken
  6. Boils down to you need more truck or less trailer. Ken
  7. We do not normally take our RV close to the coast. last winter. We were in a coastal city with salt water and marshes on 3 sides for 3 months. We rinsed and washed the RV every other week and we still suffered some corrosion. All of the key locks had to be worked and oiled. Other aluminum and chrome items suffered some pitting. The Winegard batwing had to be replaced as the internal circuit board had corrosion. We will not be spending any time that close to salt water again. It is not worth it. Ken
  8. Wayne, we were at Raccoon valley in July. Sorry for the loss of your pup. It is rough to see these sweet souls go. Ken
  9. When we were at Raccoon Valley Escapees Park north of Knoxville this summer, we had a fellow come in with 28 foot class C motorhome. New RVer and was really worn out from the days travel. Other RVers had advised him to avoid the interstate between Ashville and Knoxville due to the curves and grades. So the fool found a way across the Smokies on the Dragons Tail. Not a smart move and the last time we drove it in a car, I believe there were signs warning trucks and RVs to find another route. People have no sense any more and do not read signs. Ken
  10. Time to go shopping. Seems that every 2 or 3 years I have to shop because they jump rates with no claims. Ken
  11. Wayne, the park rates have really jumped over the part two or 3 years. Many places are sticking "Resort" in their name and think they can demand more $$$$. We shop and use the discounts and look for city and county parks as well. Ken
  12. A bit above my normal pay rate. Ken
  13. Hey, don't bother those that are obviously over weight. Either they are ignorant or just don't care. They lover getting on a forum and get others to say the same thing and they feel there is safety in numbers...just the wrong numbers. Ken
  14. Also, check your fluid level with the slides in and jack up. Ken
  15. to the OP, I was a site moderator and also an administrator on iRV2 for a number of years. For the most part, the site is moderated well and is kept down to a dull roar. Follow the community rules and do not question a moderator ruling on the forum. I found the info provided there is more factual and less passionate than on RV.net. Some of the owners groups get a bit snobbish when an "outsider" tries to post an answer to a general problem. After leaving the admin position, I got a rules violation which I fought behind the scenes. No matter who moderates, they let their personal feeling and interpretation intervene at times. I told them to take a hike and did not post there for several years. Now I go back and visit on occasion. Ken
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