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  1. Two years ago we spoke to the owner of a large DP while in Virginia and he had bought in Tennessee. They had fallen in lover with VA and had found property they loved. After he saw what VA was going to charge yearly to register his motorhome, he decided to look near Knoxville. Found a beautiful place near the Smokies, with much lower property taxes and less than $100 per year to register the coach. VA is a beautiful state but they want o rape RV owners. Ken
  2. If all you get is a finger from honking, you are leading a charmed life. She may be packing heat. Ken
  3. Geico was the best rates we could find for the trailer and truck. Ken
  4. We are the opposite, SUN BIRDS and head north in the summer. This past year we have opted to be safe and stay put and avoid travel. We are concerned with our own health as well as the health of others. The COVID cases are surging in the normal snow bird destinations. We are outside of Houston and are hunkered down. My advice is to just stay put, and get you vaccination. Ken
  5. Escapees forum has a For Sale section. Ken
  6. I have found that I have to shop the insurance every two to three years. The companies fee that the consumer will get lazy and not want to shop, so they bump the rates. What you are charged is based on many items, your driving record, your location, your credit score, if you have a recent driver safety course. and if you bundle. So just shop. What is good for your neighbor may not be the best for you. Ken
  7. Well. there goes another decent RV manufacturer down the Thor rabbit hole. SO sorry to see this happen. Ken
  8. 11,000miles, you are only beginning. Wait until you travel more and encounter some of our finest highways and trash. Ken
  9. The insurance options vary greatly depending on the programs offered in each state. You need to decide what state you will call your domicile and shop for those programs.
  10. We we were in a motorhome and a dinghy, we found the best protection for the towed car was a product called Protect-a-tow. Worked better than the brushes and strips hung from the bumper. http://protectatow.tripod.com/ Ken
  11. They mean 3500/F350 is the maximum. No MDT or HDT trucks. Ken
  12. Strange, Just came in I-10 in Houston and the toll lanes are marked No Towed Vehicles or Over One Ton. Ken
  13. Usually you cycle the furnace to the off position at the thermostat to reset the unit. Ken
  14. Think I would pass on this place. Cancellation policy and rules for leaving early are not good. Otherwise rules seem good. No rates listed, so probably high. Ken
  15. Personally, I would not buy a used rental RV from Cruise America or any other such place. We have hosted at a number of parks across the country and have witnessed the way these rental units are treated by the operators. These units are rode hard and put away wet. For the year model they have a lot of use and miles. You would do better buying a nice used unit and having it inspected by a independent 3rd party inspector you pay prior to purchase. Also, I woudl strongly suggest that you rent an RV and give it a try before you make a large dollar purchase. Ken
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