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  1. Stevenjett, 9 cents is easy for them. They over charge fuel by 30 cents a gallon and sometimes more. No thanks, I'll skip Flying J and Pilot. Ken
  2. You have to remember...Cheaties never prosper. Ken
  3. In the ham radio world, we say that an omni-directional antenna operates equally bad in all directions. Ken
  4. The Sensar IV and Wingman still out perform any of the other RV antennas. With antennas, you want two things...height and more metal in the air. The Wingman makes the antenna very directional. Ken
  5. There is no right time or perfect time to trade. Remember that any RV is a declining value asset. Just take it and use it as much as possible and enjoy it. Ken
  6. Well welcome to the forum from another Ken and Susan. Our daughter and her husband have a Minnie Plus and love it. Ken and Susan
  7. I will not leave my CC with a multi thousand limit in the hands of a minimum wage clerk. My wife will go in with the card and get the pump started and she stands there and keeps an eye on the clerk and card. The pump cut off is set by the station and not the CC company. Ken
  8. Problem is we are a 5th wheel and are 58 feet nose to tail plus the bike carrier. Kind of hard to unhook and pull the beast with a bicycle. We have been told by a few that they went on it at 60 ft and no issue. My luck would be I'd get stopped. Ken
  9. Actually the correct term is "Global Climatic Change".....but we have all been told by our less then truthful Congressional leaders that it is all a "Chinese Hoax". Ken
  10. You need to contact a tax accountant and not depend on 'Free" advise from the internet. Ken
  11. Bill we are in Port O'Connor and to day was light drizzle and fog. Can't see across the road now. Ken
  12. The Garmin 760RV with lifetime maps is great, but you have to use it in conjunction with a map. It will not always pick the best route. And it does route you differently in RV mode. Like most things you have to learn its limits and how to use it. Ken
  13. That is El Nino or La Nina. We are in Port O'Connor since Dec 28 and we have had very few sunny and normal days. We have had lots of rain, drizzle and fog. And it is not Global Warming....the correct term now is Global Climatic Change. Ken
  14. We are keeping the Escapees Roadside Assistance. We have had GS and Coachnet over the years and decided to dump GS after a call out to change a tire on the dually. GS said that there would be an extra charge if they had to add air to the spare. This is a major crock. The truck arrived with an air compressor and pneumatic tools, so he had air. Ken
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