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  1. Just be thankful that Newmar was not bought by Thor, Forrest River, Lippert or Camping World. Ken
  2. We had a Winnie Class C and customer service from Winnebago was great. Maybe it will expand the overall product line. Ken
  3. Air Streams quality is not all that great. They are just overpriced. Look at the Arctic Fox line. Ken
  4. We will probably drop it as well.
  5. D- You did not make it to 10. Ken
  6. You mean CO...Carbon Monoxide? or LP (propane)? Ken
  7. If you have a power cord winder, it may be the problem. The slip rings in the winder could be dirty or pitted. It is job to pull the power winder down and check the slip rings. Ken
  8. I tried to purchase GY tires through the FMCA program and the local Discount Tire beat the program. So the moral of the story is to be sure and shop the prices. Ken
  9. The recall is nothing more than adding a safety shutdown that shuts down and locks out the fridge. It is not really a proper repair. They will catch fire on electric or propane. Ken
  10. Stevenjett, 9 cents is easy for them. They over charge fuel by 30 cents a gallon and sometimes more. No thanks, I'll skip Flying J and Pilot. Ken
  11. You have to remember...Cheaties never prosper. Ken
  12. In the ham radio world, we say that an omni-directional antenna operates equally bad in all directions. Ken
  13. The Sensar IV and Wingman still out perform any of the other RV antennas. With antennas, you want two things...height and more metal in the air. The Wingman makes the antenna very directional. Ken
  14. There is no right time or perfect time to trade. Remember that any RV is a declining value asset. Just take it and use it as much as possible and enjoy it. Ken
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