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  1. Time to go shopping. Seems that every 2 or 3 years I have to shop because they jump rates with no claims. Ken
  2. Wayne, the park rates have really jumped over the part two or 3 years. Many places are sticking "Resort" in their name and think they can demand more $$$$. We shop and use the discounts and look for city and county parks as well. Ken
  3. A bit above my normal pay rate. Ken
  4. Hey, don't bother those that are obviously over weight. Either they are ignorant or just don't care. They lover getting on a forum and get others to say the same thing and they feel there is safety in numbers...just the wrong numbers. Ken
  5. Also, check your fluid level with the slides in and jack up. Ken
  6. to the OP, I was a site moderator and also an administrator on iRV2 for a number of years. For the most part, the site is moderated well and is kept down to a dull roar. Follow the community rules and do not question a moderator ruling on the forum. I found the info provided there is more factual and less passionate than on RV.net. Some of the owners groups get a bit snobbish when an "outsider" tries to post an answer to a general problem. After leaving the admin position, I got a rules violation which I fought behind the scenes. No matter who moderates, they let their personal feeling and interpretation intervene at times. I told them to take a hike and did not post there for several years. Now I go back and visit on occasion. Ken
  7. We had a Ford Explorer that we used to tow a small travel trailer, well within Fords ratings. Had the tranny rebuilt at 10,000 miles. Sometimes you get a bad one right out of the box. Ken
  8. Already sent in my absentee ballot. The parks need funding. Ken
  9. Any one with a jack and an impact wrench can install them. Ken
  10. And are you looking for basic or resort full service spots for the kids. Ken
  11. First thing you need to tell us is how many miles a day you plan to make so that we have idea where you are planning to stop. How many days t make the drive. Ken
  12. Several yeas ago, we were at a park in Shreveport, LA and an RV came in after the office close and set up across from us. It was not all that old and was dirty, two locker doors were missing and the awning was hanging loose and held on with a rope. Mid afternoon the next day, the fellow was packing up and leaving. Talked to the park owner about what happened...I'm nosy...They had a 10 year rule and we had sent photos of our restored Avion silver that was over 10 years old and it was acceptable. The folks had told him a year model and it was less than 10 years old. The owner said he took one look at it and told them to pack up and leave. He just wanted the RVs to look decent. Ken
  13. There are a few snooty (and some not so snooty) campgrounds pushing the 10 year rule. Your best reply is to take your business elsewhere. ken
  14. Herman, I do not buy designer coffee....saves $$ and calories. Ken
  15. Just be thankful that Newmar was not bought by Thor, Forrest River, Lippert or Camping World. Ken
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