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  1. Leveling blocks

    Some folks cornbread ain't cooked in the middle. Ken
  2. What size truck?

    We found a good reason to have a 5er over a motorhome in 2014. WE had to have the engine in the truck replace and were off the road 3 weeks. The trailer was towed to an RV park and the truck to the shop. Had a rental car, but we had a place to live that was not a motel.
  3. We set the phones on the console when on the road and the passenger answers any calls. If the driver needs to speak to then caller, the passenger placed the phone on handsfree and hold the phone over where the driver can hear it. Works for us. Our GPS has a blue tooth link and we will sometimes use it with a phone. Ken
  4. What size truck?

    trikeflyer, and have you weighed the truck and trailer to see where you are on rear axle GAWR? What does your Spartan weigh? Ken
  5. Tornado Warnings

    And I have seen plenty of 80,000 lb tractor trailers blown over due to high winds. The motorhome is a false sense of security. Our 5er weighs in at a bit over 19,000 lb loaded. Ken
  6. We replaced and older CRT with a flatscreen several years back on a 5th wheel. The hardest part was building a mounting bracket/brace as I did not want to support the TV and bracket off the trailer wall. Ken
  7. Tornado Warnings

    dd69, a motorhome is not much safer than a trailer is a tornado. I have seen photos of both trailers and motorhomes toppled by tornadoes or straight line winds. Ken
  8. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    A few shots of Fireball will help seeing lights and and a few other things. Ken
  9. Leveling blocks

    But you do have to remember....Not my monkey, not my circus. Ken
  10. Leveling blocks

    Those sissor type devices are not meant to be used as a jack. All they are is stabilizers. Ken
  11. Another Bad Pet Story

    What gripes me is lazy parents that send little Johnny or Susie out to walk Rover and the kid does not have a bag or even a clue that they are supposed to pick up the mess. Ken
  12. What size truck?

    We have had both class As and 5ers and for full time living, the 5er is more comfortable, more residential feel, more storage and can set in moths in one place without being driven. We have been full time for 5 years now and the dually is our daily driver. Ken
  13. 2006 Ford E-450 Steering Damper

    I would go with the Bilstein. The Monroe will not last as long. On the E450, you have dual rear wheels so that is the one you need. Ken
  14. What size truck?

    You will have a loaded pin weight of 3200# (20% of the trailer GVWR) so make sure the trucks rated payload is over 3200#. The payload will consist of passengers, cargo, hitch and pin weight. A newer 1 ton single rear wheel may carry the load, but I'd personally go ahead and get a 1 ton dual rear wheel. A 3/4 ton (F250 or 2500 series) will not have sufficient payload capacity. You will see lots of unknowledgeable people or those that do not care pulling big 5ers with 3/4 ton trucks/ My advice is do not do it. If you want to play with the big boys, you need big toys. Ken
  15. I hear all too often, that they do not want to drive a dually, but Mama wants a 19000 lb 42 ft trailer. So because they do not want a dually, they overload a single rear wheel (SRW) and then come on the sites and tell you they added air bags to the rear and it pulls it like it is not even back there...ha ha ha. Had one the other day on a forum post his scale tickets and his 3/4 ton truck was 1500 lb overloaded with a new trailer before they added the supplies. The salesman told him, he could pull it just fine. You try to help these folks and the SRW truck advocates jump all over you for being the Weight Police. I am a retired mechanical engineer and firmly believe in manufacturers ratings. Ken