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  1. Most folks use online resources to check the route (RV Trip Wizard) and campground reviews. I am afraid that you will have a hard time obtaining campsites on such short notice. With the big boom in RVs, campsites have become a premium items and most are booked weeks out for popular destination spots and especially weekends and holidays. Best of luck on the trip. Ken
  2. I have had a residential too long and don't remember. But one fin to the left is colder. Ken
  3. Last Thermistor I changed in a Norcold was just a matter of shutting off the power to the fridge, remove the old one and plug in the new one and clip it into place.. Ken
  4. This is not just newer RVs. We had a 1995 Avion 5th wheel (30 amp) that had a load management system to shed loads. Worked great. Ken
  5. The one thing you are not considering is that the trailer weigh 1/2 or much less than a motorhome. Our 5er is heavy at 19,000# and most of the class A motorhomes are well north of 25000#. Thus it is easier to blow over a light weight trailer than a heavy motorhome. It takes more wind to blow over a heavy motorhome than a light weight trailer. Whether you have the jacks or stabilizer down make little difference. Ken
  6. I ran Hankooks on my big 5th wheel and never an issue. I know several folks running Hnakooks on their class A pusher and no issues. A few that I know run them on their 1 ton trucks. When I put tires on my dually last month, I went to Cooper tires. The last two sets on Michelin tires did not wear as well as they had in the past. Ken
  7. Water damage is usually equated to maintenance or the roof and window caulking and seals. They will generally not pay on maintenance related items. Sorry about the problems. Ken
  8. We have the Vesta dish washer and it does a great job on short cycle and uses less water then we would washing the dishes by hand. Ken
  9. Wayne, I think you mean 27 gallon. Ken
  10. After full timing for a few years, I missed my big smoker. I finally bought a Green Mountain Grill Davy Crocket pellet smoker and love thing. I can smoke on it of crtank it up and do steaks. I do not want to mess with charcoal again. Ken
  11. Propane rules vary at different location. The park we were in last winter (Tomball, TX) had a company that would come in once a week to fill motor home tanks per a sign up sheet in the office. Other locations have said that tanks could only be filled at a certified propane reseller. The easy solution is to add an Extend-a-stay connect at the tank and use refillable bottles if you do not want to move the motorhome. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=extend+a+stay+propane&gclid=CjwKCAjw6fCCBhBNEiwAem5SOxUITCm9oydLUlTgjSx5-yqXNCnhOKEckO80TPSdggQgFJwq-BdTVBoCaVYQAvD_BwE&hvadid=409998386627&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=9027115&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=83729743467680195&hvtargid=kwd-4379569865&hydadcr=24633_11410102&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_54nb9ddzbs_e
  12. Being retired, you do not have to hurry any where. For us a travel day is typically 200 to 250 miles. On a long day we may push to 300 miles. Drive at a reasonable speed. We top out at 65 mph on the major highways. We are on the road by 9 AM and off by 3 PM. This gives us time to relax at the end of the day. Generally we do not travel two days in a row. We like to have a day off to sightsee. Ken
  13. Two years ago we spoke to the owner of a large DP while in Virginia and he had bought in Tennessee. They had fallen in lover with VA and had found property they loved. After he saw what VA was going to charge yearly to register his motorhome, he decided to look near Knoxville. Found a beautiful place near the Smokies, with much lower property taxes and less than $100 per year to register the coach. VA is a beautiful state but they want o rape RV owners. Ken
  14. If all you get is a finger from honking, you are leading a charmed life. She may be packing heat. Ken
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