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  1. TXiceman

    Cell Boosters

    We use the Wilson WeBoost cell booster for the RV. Works OK as long as you have a weak signal. But with no signal, you have nothing to boost. Ken
  2. TXiceman

    Tire inflation

    Escapees Smart Weigh will give the weight on each individual tire or tire pair with duallies. Ken
  3. TXiceman

    Refueling At Pilot/FlyingJ

    Because FJ and Pilot are ripping off the RVers, that is my last choice for fuel. If I have to fuel at on of the rip off places, I gt just enough plus a few gallons to get to my next destination and fuel there. We use GAs Buddy to check fuel prices for or cities down the road. If it comes to it, I'll drop the trailer in the parking lot fuel, reconnect and move on. Ken
  4. TXiceman


    We have been more then pleased with our On The Go 16000. Be sure and run a sediment filter in front of the softener to keep sediment out. Ken
  5. TXiceman

    Special seminar on tire info for trailer owners

    How about ... Which tire go and which tires blow? Ken
  6. TXiceman

    Where to get your RV weighed

    Escpees make it painless and you will have you weight at each wheel, not just by axle. Ken
  7. We never have a reliable wireless network, so we went with Marcell. So far it has worked fine. Ken
  8. TXiceman

    Where to get your RV weighed

    Try Escapees Smart Weigh. Ken
  9. It is because of several issues. 1, It is because of dishonest sales people that only have the desire to sell an RV, never mind the safety aspect of the sale. 2. A tow rating system that is not easily understood by many people. 3. Some states have a licensing system that heavily penalizes the drivers of a larger pick up, so they try to get by with the smaller truck to save some money each year or registration. 4. Too many people that just will not listen and will drive too small of a truck, because they see others with huge trailers and small trucks. We see similar issues with motorhomes. People overloading chassis and towing a dinghy without a braking system or break away system. Ken
  10. Escapees offers a great Boot Camp and also an Online course to answer many questions. Problem is people need to take the course and not listen to the unknowing towing over weight. Ken
  11. TXiceman

    1989 Foretravel Grand Villa

    Love those old Gran Villas. Ken
  12. TXiceman


    We had a 1999 31' Winnebago Class C and the engine was designed to rev to get the power. So let it rev up on the hills. Ken
  13. TXiceman

    CB Antenna Recommendation

    Wayne, did not bother me. Ken ke5dfr
  14. TXiceman

    CB Antenna Recommendation

    I suggested a NGP antenna so there is no worry about grounding to the chassis. As for magnetic mounts, they are a good compromise, but you have to have a enough magnetic surface and a good coupling with the surface. The best antenna would be a ground plane required antenna that is well grounded. The success of the CB will be directly related to the antenna system. A poor antenna system will not have much range sending or receiving. Ken
  15. TXiceman

    CB Antenna Recommendation

    Look at the Firestix NGP, no ground plane. At least 3 foot long and 1/3 to 1/2 of the antenna above the coach roof. Have the antenna tuned or matched. Spend the money on the antenna and a mid priced Cobra or Midland radio. Tuning antenna NGP antenna Ken