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  1. Think I would pass on this place. Cancellation policy and rules for leaving early are not good. Otherwise rules seem good. No rates listed, so probably high. Ken
  2. Personally, I would not buy a used rental RV from Cruise America or any other such place. We have hosted at a number of parks across the country and have witnessed the way these rental units are treated by the operators. These units are rode hard and put away wet. For the year model they have a lot of use and miles. You would do better buying a nice used unit and having it inspected by a independent 3rd party inspector you pay prior to purchase. Also, I woudl strongly suggest that you rent an RV and give it a try before you make a large dollar purchase. Ken
  3. dickandlois. 1987 use the Quadrsjet carb. TBI did not come along until 1990 or 1991. K
  4. This engine is known to be rough on plug wires. They get old and leak and cause all sorts of missing and back firing issues. While it is dark, remove the engine cover and start the beast and observe the light show from leaking wires. Replace the plug wires with the best high temperature wires you can find with ceramic boots. Be sure to use the silicon on the plug boots. Ken
  5. You are going to have to call the EZ Pass office. Some systems have an axle counter and adjust the fee accordingly. Some places you will have to go through the pay lane. Ken
  6. Shoot, a Tundra is easy to park. Try parking an F350 Crewcab dually. Ken
  7. txiceman


    There is so much BS on social media today that my manure filter is requiring cleaning about once and hour. A shot of whiskey will help clean it. Ken
  8. I agree, that two months is not enough to enjoy a 6000 mile trip. All you will be doing is driving, setting up, breaking down and driving. That leaves very little time to actually relax and do some sight seeing. You can easily spend a month in Oregon alone. I'd suggest you look at shortening the trip so that you don't just drive and drive. Ken
  9. If your voltage at the pedestal is under about 112 volts on either leg with no load on the circuit, you will have problems with the low voltage in the coach when the A/C is running. Most A/C units do not like to operate below 108 volts. If you are operating the RV fridge on electric, switch to propane. Same goes for the water heater. The problem with campgrounds now is a lot of them are older and the wiring was not set up for an many big rigs as they get now. Check the voltage on other sites in the park if they are not occupied. If you are mooch docking and powered from a garage circuit, other loads on the circuit can drop the voltage. But first thing to do is to check the voltage at the power source.
  10. Population density east of the Mississippi is definitely more dense and campgrounds are more crowded. But even west of the Mississippi, it is getting impossible to get a state of Federal park for a weekend or a week or more unless you have booked 6 months out. Just too many campers and not enough spaces. If you are not full time, the best time to camp is Sunday afternoon through Friday morning. Ken
  11. Hermit, we can on occasion find a cancellation open, but many never bother to cancel. They just do not show up. When we were hosting at state parks, we often saw people turned away as the park was booked full. The next morning, several sites were open as the folks never showed or cancelled. The cancellation fee was the same as the deposit...$10.00, so why bother. If the parks would charge a higher deposit and then still only $10.00 if you cancelled the folks might have more consideration for the other people wanting to camp.
  12. Campgrounds have gotten harder to get. Unless you booked 6 months or more for state or Federal parks, you can forget about getting in on weekends or holidays. It has forced us to do more planning and not any freestyle traveling and we are about at the point of coming off the road full time. RVing is not as much fun as it was just a few years ago. Ken
  13. DO you have a volt Ohm meter and an amp meter? Access the compressor leads with power off. Disconnect leads and check for continuity and shorts using the Ohm meter. Check the leads to ground. With power back on the unit, do you get an amp reading at the compressor when the unit comes on. Do you have the ability to check that the control circuit for power? Beyond this, yo need to get a tech out to check the unit. Ken
  14. Have you checked on the Airforums site. All Airstream site. Ken
  15. I told Discount what I could get the tires for online and the sales person came back and beat the price by a few dollars. The tires were not in stock and had to order from the warehouse. I told them I did not want old production tires but fresh production. He asked how old I would accept and told him 6 months maximum. The tires were just over 3 months old by the DOT code. This was the second occasion that I got Discount to match or beat other pricing. Out west, I had to get new truck tires and had Big O (affiliated with NTB) and got them to drop the tire prices as well. So it pays to shop the tires to your best deal. Discount could not air the tires over 80 psig by corporate policy, so I used my compressor and aired them up to 110 psig before pulling off the lot. Ken
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