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  1. The worst leaks to find are the evaporator cores. You have to use a sniffer at the air outlets on the dash. Ken
  2. The Wingman makes the antenna more directional and enhances the UHF coverage. Next, there is no such thing as a HDTV antenna. All antennas can receive a digital signal. My ham radio antennas are suitable fro AM, FM, SSB, CW or digital....all on one antenna. The difference is the radio or the TV receiver. The Winegard Sensar IV with the Wingman beats any other off air antenna for an antenna you will find. Ken
  3. I refuse to run Firestone tires on anything other than on a garden cart. For a class C, I'd recommend either Michelin or Bridgestone. I know Bridgestone owns Firestone, but they are better tires. Ken
  4. Mypopslou, I recommend you get professional help rather than depend on the internet. You can easily do more damage that will cost you more than a certified A/C tech. Ken
  5. Drivers license fall under the states rights, not Federal. Ken
  6. As noted, all depends on your state of residence and the weight (GVWR) of the motorhome. Contact your local Depratment of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety. Ken
  7. Our daughter and hubby have a Winnebago Minnie Plus, travel trailer and it has been good to then aside from a few trim issues. Seems to be better built than most in that size range. Lance and Arctic Fox get good reports compared to the Thor and Forest River products. We have seen a couple Olivers and Escapes. They are pricey, but seem well built. Ken
  8. Safest wishes to all that are currently serving and to those that have served. Many thanks. Ken
  9. Many years ago, I took the Coast Guard Sailing and Seaman Sailboat course and it was very valuable. This was after racing sailboats for several year, I still had a lot to learn. I think the CG boating course should be required for all before being turned loose with either power or sail. Ken
  10. UrbanHermit, when we negotiate, to buy a car, truck, RV, I let the sales person know that I worked in a technical sales area for almost 40 years and had probably read more books on sales and attended more sales seminars than they had. I work on one price number or I am out the door. I want one price, including all taxes, fees, etc, out the door and nothing else. We were buying one truck years ago and when we got back to the finance office, he starts the add game for a "Protective Finish Sealant", etc. I reached over grabbed the contract, pulled off my check and ripped the contract, got up and walked out. By the time I was back to my car, the salesman and manager had caught up and were upset. Said I could not just rip it up and leave. Told them, no sir, and got in my car and left. Later that day, I got a call from the owner saying that they would honor the deal and wanted me to come back. Told him no way unless they dropped the price another $500. He came back and said he could do $500 more in accessories of my choice. I really detest auto and RV sales people. Ken
  11. Mine gets pulled and checked and water heater flushed yearly. Since we have added the sediment filter, carbon filter and the water softener, it will go two years. Ken
  12. Wrong description of a Thermal Expansion Valve ....TXV. The TXV regulates the refrigerant into the evaporator coil by measuring the evaporator pressure and the superheat leaving the coil. There may be a temperature sensor embedded in the coil to sense icing and this would shut off the compressor on low coil temperature. Ken
  13. Just exact opposite of this report. We liked the Oxygenics so well we bought one for the house when we had a sticks and bricks. Been full time 7 years and love the Oxygenics. My wife has really thick hair and loves it so much better than the one that comes in an RV. Our daughter got their first RV and after one trip replaced the shower head with an Oxygenics shower head. All I can say is you must have really low water pressure. Ken
  14. Wayne, Curbside works at times. We are in Mission, TX and HEB curbside is useless. All times open are over 2 weeks out and then they cut the order down as they are out of this or that. HEB refuses to have senior hours like Walmart and Costco. HEB has partnered with Favor for delivery with only a $10 tip for the shopper. But you have very limited selection of products and the prices online to order by are outrageously high. We can get a quicker time by driving 100 miles one way to Kingsville, TX. This is how HEB helps senior citizens! NO THANKS, I'll shop at Walmart. Ken
  15. Installed a Vesta instead of the FP. My wife does like the drawer design as if you drop a spoon in at the last minute and it misses the basket, you have to unload the whole thing to get that dang spoon. The Vesta unit is a front door with a roll out basket ....much easier to use, plus it cost less than the FP and is just a tad less deep front to back. Ken
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