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  1. Natchez Trace Parkway

    Check the Trace website. A overall length restriction of 55 feet including tow or towed vehicle. You also need to check the pull outs which are closed to RVs. Ken
  2. We no longer have Common Sense. Ken
  3. Locating inverter outlets

    While unplugged, make sure the inverter is on. Take a small light or 120 volt fan and check each outlet. Mark the ones that operate from the inverter. Ken
  4. First problem is you should NEVER accept delivery until the RV is 100% to your satisfaction. Even if this means waiting an additional weeks to pick it up. Your best option is to make an appointment at a Winnebago dealer and get it in and leave it as long as necessary. Ken
  5. tow dolly with or with out brakes

    One reason you need them is the law. It is a towed load and most states require brakes above a certain load. Ken
  6. tow dolly with or with out brakes

    Some state have a requirement that towed loads as low as 1500# have to have brakes. Do not try to cheap out. If the brakes can get you stopped 6 inches shorter, it may be the difference between stopping clear and have an accident. You do have to follow the road laws of any state that you travel through. Ken
  7. Leveling blocks

    Some folks cornbread ain't cooked in the middle. Ken
  8. What size truck?

    We found a good reason to have a 5er over a motorhome in 2014. WE had to have the engine in the truck replace and were off the road 3 weeks. The trailer was towed to an RV park and the truck to the shop. Had a rental car, but we had a place to live that was not a motel.
  9. We set the phones on the console when on the road and the passenger answers any calls. If the driver needs to speak to then caller, the passenger placed the phone on handsfree and hold the phone over where the driver can hear it. Works for us. Our GPS has a blue tooth link and we will sometimes use it with a phone. Ken
  10. What size truck?

    trikeflyer, and have you weighed the truck and trailer to see where you are on rear axle GAWR? What does your Spartan weigh? Ken
  11. Tornado Warnings

    And I have seen plenty of 80,000 lb tractor trailers blown over due to high winds. The motorhome is a false sense of security. Our 5er weighs in at a bit over 19,000 lb loaded. Ken
  12. We replaced and older CRT with a flatscreen several years back on a 5th wheel. The hardest part was building a mounting bracket/brace as I did not want to support the TV and bracket off the trailer wall. Ken
  13. Tornado Warnings

    dd69, a motorhome is not much safer than a trailer is a tornado. I have seen photos of both trailers and motorhomes toppled by tornadoes or straight line winds. Ken
  14. Hanging out at Marfa Lights

    A few shots of Fireball will help seeing lights and and a few other things. Ken
  15. Leveling blocks

    But you do have to remember....Not my monkey, not my circus. Ken