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  1. We need to purchase a deionizer system to give us a spotless wash on our RV. Too many choices out there. We want to purchase one that does the job but doesn’t costs a fortune for filters or supply’s to recharge the system. Your suggestions and advice is appreciated. Jeanne
  2. Need recommendations for an RV resort with 18 holes golf in AZ.
  3. Thanks again everyone. By the way, what does ATS stand for? I took on the electric myself. Actually pretty simple. One screw in the breaker box turned slightly. All other screws and wires were tight. No brownout yesterday afternoon or this morning. I am crossing my fingers that fixed it. If not I will pull the two 50 amp breakers. Running it today for the test. The FMCA community is super. Jeanne
  4. Thanks. The unit browned out after running on the generator. I checked it on the hour. After four hours it was good. Between that and hour five it browned out. I will call an electrician and let them look at all the neutral connections. Your help has been greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Yes, I contacted FR and they gave me Precision. George is on break during the July 4 holiday so we will talk again on Monday. Kaypsmith, I will try the generator. I ran it two hours yesterday evening but will run it all day. I can also plug in a lamp. This being said I have noticed the air conditioner pulling a bit lighter at times. (perhaps alternating current). I will need to get someone to help me test neutrals but will do this too. I am a true novice. About how many neutrals can I expect to find in the coach and what does a neutral look like? Thanks all. Much appreciated. Coach Owner in Training (LOL).
  6. Our 2018 FOREST River Legacy Class A 50 AMP has a Precision Circuits Inc. touch panel screen. When open you can turn on the propane, the air conditioners, the lights, check the power control such as AMPs to the unit etc. An electrical issue seems to be occurring so we took it to Camping World (CW) for a diagnostic. Their final decision was that our surge protector was bad. So, we had them install a unit direct in the shoring compartment. Only to get home and find that we still have the same issue. Intermittently the power panel shows “Brownout” on one line or the other. Nothing in the coach stops working though. Electric seems to work and no breakers appear to flip. Its difficult to know when this occurs because nothing changes in the coach. Lights still work, fridge still works, both air conditioners still work. You have to keep checking the Power Control on the Precision screen. This is the same control we check when we shore to a 50 amp service to be certain we have 50 AMPs at our location. We look at it from time to time, maybe a couple times a day. The “brownout may show on either line or both and may occur with two air conditioners, lights fridge running or with only the fridge and nothing else running. Before taking it to CW we turned everything except the fridge off and the power panel showed we had 50 amps of service with 1 amp being used on one line. The next morning we had “brownout” shown on both lines. The CW techs plugged the unit in and ran it for two days with everything on. Brownouts occurred. They checked the shoring line and transfer switch and they appeared fine. The battery inverter seems fine. Quite frankly both techs seemed puzzled and didn’t know what else to check. So they decided it was my surge protector causing an issue. Even though, when running the unit they plugged into their service with and without my surge protector and both had the “brownout”message at some point. They installed a direct line surge protector, all was working well so we headed home. Within a couple hours of being home, plugged to our 50 AMP, one line showed “brownout”. I am not mechanically inclined but apparently neither were the techs at CW. Does anyone have a similar Precision Circuit Inc screen and have you had any of the above mentioned issues? Jeanne
  7. Thanks for your input. We haul a small Ford Focus which should be fine. It’s under 2900 lbs. Are you familiar with how well the interior components hold up?
  8. We stopped at Corral RV Park in Dalhart TX. on our way to Denver. It is a nice little inexpensive park, $29 for over night and just off the main road. That includes $1.00 for cable TV.
  9. Hi, I am purchasing the above referenced vehicle and need some help. Since the exhaust pipe is out the rear I’ve been told a splash guard can’t be added to the back. With our Winnebago View we found that without a splash guard across the back our tow car would be caked in mud when traveling in the rain. We added a splash guard across the rear and our issue was fixed. Any experiences out there towing without a full splash guard on the Legacy when towing in the rain? Thanks jeanne
  10. We just purchased a new 36 foot Class A Pusher with a propane connector for a gas grill. What folding grill do you recommend? We want good BTUs but economic propane usage. Easy to set up and not to heavy. Thanks. Jeanne
  11. Does anyone have experience with the River Forest Legacy? We are interested in a used 2018 34A. Thanks. Jeanne
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