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  1. Dennis & wolfe have this engine in a 2003 Kountry Star on Freightliner Chassis. Getting different opinions on number of fuel filters. Any suggestions.
  2. Having never gone to this topic before, am finding it interesting. Can't resist putting in my 2 cents. Yeah, W 10 is a bummer. I solved it by going Linux. Best move I ever made. And it's free. Go for it, and enjoy, Gary
  3. Cockpit air wasn't real cool. Local tech hooked it up, ran the check, but didn't have info on what the refrigerant charge should be. Someone had printed "2.5" on the unit, under the hood. We assumed that was the charge level. However, while better, air still isn't cold. Any experience out there?
  4. greamie


    thank you gentlemen for your help. Looks like I needed to provide more information. I took a foto of my problem and will to attach. Also would appreciate any suggestions on where I can buy what you recommend, or where to go to get worked on. Thanks. Gary Christoff
  5. greamie


    tailpipe is rusting bad on my 2003 kountry star. large hole in the curve. do I need a new pipe or can one buy an extension ?
  6. I would like to replace the headlamp covers on my 2003 Newmar Kountry Star, but don't know where to look, other than Newmar. I have every number and letter stamped on the cover. Anyone have suggestions as to where these can be purchased, at a fair price? Thanks. greamie (Gary)
  7. Blake, Bill, Herman Thanks for your responses. I am back at the Club House here in Florida where I have a better WiFi signal. I completed some of the suggestions from y'all. On the open road with little or no cross wind I really don't have a problem. I will seriously look into the new shocks nd the bushings. That should be much less money than the 'full meal deal'. Again, Thanks much. Gary
  8. Have a 2003 Newmar Kountry Star diesel pusher on a 2002 Freightliner XC Chassis. Am thinking about some modification for better control in cross winds and on rough roads. However, knowing nothing about the subject, would like some input as to what I might get in improvement, which products are the better/best, how much should I spend, etc ??? Thanks for any help anyone might give me. Gary
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