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  1. Well I guess I’ll jump in with some very positive aspects of Cornerstone. We have a 2018 Newmar coach (with 48,000 miles)and after the one year factory warranty Cornerstone has reimbursed over $13,000 in repairs/replacements to awnings motors, residential fridge repairs, rim replacement, and HVAC repairs….no hassles, no disputes nothing but outstanding service…..self insurance concept is questionable. I enjoy the lifestyle and the peace of mind…
  2. I currently have Cornerstone and they have never denied a claim. Over $13,800 paid out by them. It obvious you are trying to get them to pay for something that isn’t covered by your policy.
  3. Several states are now cracking down on the LLC licensing schemes. Friends of ours just got hit with a $6K back tax on their coach in NC
  4. We just took delivery on a new Newmar Ventana and the Comfort Drive system is remarkable. Dramatic difference from any other diesel pusher out there.
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