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  1. Thank you to everyone! Fantastic information and I greatly appreciate it. Cheers to all…. Ron
  2. Thanks Bill. An RV park, not quite a campground. I know when I stayed in a campground 2 years ago and it got cold, they had us remove the hose at night if it got down to freezing. I don’t have a nice diesel so my wet bay is not heated. Do you have any thoughts on how to get around that? Could I try and wrap place some towels or something in there?
  3. Hi, we have a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder 36H class A gas rig. We may have to spend some time in our rig in colder weather. Somebody told me I should get a heated water hose to run from campground water supply to my rig. I have looked around but am clueless as to what might be a decent product to purchase?
  4. Thanks manholt. Somebody else was talking about a charger. Is this something you would get at an auto parts store or an RV store?
  5. Hi All, Probably a dumb question. I have a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder 36H class A motor home that has been winterized and sitting in a friends camping area. I went to move it the other day but everything was dead and the engine would not turn over. My question is, the spot has a 50 amp shore power plug in available to me. If I plug my rig in to the shore power, will it start so I can move it. I didn’t occur to me the other day to try that? Thanks!
  6. ktconners

    Tire Pressure?

    Ah OK it is listed as 90 psi cold and I was getting a reading of 80, so I guess they are a little low? I would think they are not terribly low though?
  7. ktconners

    Tire Pressure?

    Sorry Wolfe, not really understanding. I am well below weight as much of my stuff is in storage. I just am not sure if I should add any air to move my rig about 10 miles to a different location. As mentioned before, all 4 tires are sitting at about 80 psi as my rig sits here with the cold tires...
  8. ktconners

    Tire Pressure?

    I have been sitting in 1 spot with my tire covers on my Fleetwood Bounder 2017 with Michelin 235/80 P225 Radials. I have to.move today so I checked the pressure with my little gauge. It reads 79 psi on back and 80 psi on front. The temperature is about 62 degrees outside. In the tire it says 110 psi cold. I guess that means maximum pressure cold? Are my tires OK or do you guys think they need air. I do not own a mobile inflator of any type. Thanks!
  9. Ray, that is the best news I have heard and I believe that will apply here. After all, we are not at Pikes Peak, just the foothills of the Blue Ridge, elevation about 2,000 ft. Average high in November is 62 and average low is 36. Sounds like we might be OK and thanks for the uplifting post!!
  10. Thanks Manholt. I actually just bought some of those at Walmart and a little 10’ fresh water hose. Will put my 25’ in storage and try to keep my water connection short and sweet, if possible...
  11. Thank you both. I appreciate the help. I never even considered a small heater and never would have though to drain all of the water out of my tank hose. That would have been quite the shock...lol...
  12. Interesting, thank you Wolfe. I am not even sure my rig has a basement heater but will check it out and heed your cautions. Again thanks!
  13. It looks like I will have to be staying in my 2017 Fleetwood Bounder class A during the month of November while my house is finished. The average temps where I am will be a high of 62 and a low of 36. I am fairly new to the RV world and normally have my rig in Florida during November. Should I completely fill my fresh water tank? My thinking is if it is full and it got really cold, that it wouldn’t freeze? If any of you veteran RVers have any thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it!
  14. No Ray, only have the 1 black tank. Down in the back by full bath I believe, and thx elkhart that is an excellent “step by step” Appreciate everyone’s help with this!
  15. Right but what I meant was do you leave the black valve open, after you empty the black tank and then open and empty the grey tank. I always opened black, emptied tank, then closed the black valve before opening the grey to empty that tank. Sounded like kaypsmith left the black opened while emptying grey tank?
  16. Oh I just re-read your last post. I did not notice that you empty black tank, leave black valve open, then open the gray valve until empty, then close both valves. I have always opened black, drain until empty, close black valve, then open and drain grey. I have never had both black and grey valve open at same time. Is this a mistake?
  17. Lol....I hear you! Thanks much for the info...
  18. I had back flushed on that dump where the clog happened. My wife blamed that for the clog. Let me ask you this please, when you back Flush, do you leave your black valve open? I had got the bright idea that if I close the valve when back flushing and let tank fill up with fresh water, say 2/3 full, that it would rinse the black tank well. Is that a stupid thing to do?
  19. Thanks Kaypsmith. I know it was a horrible thing to go through. I do keep black valve closed but probably not enough water. Will watch it closely from here on out. Do not want to go through that again!!
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