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  1. Yes that assumption is dead on. When I take a flashlight it goes straight down for maybe a foot, foot and a half, then slopes down just slightly to the left. Everything looks clear now. Maybe some paper was stuck in there, not sure.
  2. Thanks Manholt, no it does not. Just a Dometic, sits low on the pedestal with a foot pedal to flush and a spray gun thing on the left. For my information, I have a Dometic in the master, that has an on/off switch. When flushed the red light comes on, when done the green light comes on. Sort of makes an awful noise while flushing. It says Dometic Vacu Flush. Is that a macerator toilet?
  3. Fingers crossed but we went to Home Depot and bought a bigger plunger. I think we may have gotten whatever was stuck in there to go through to the black tank. It seems fixed for now, or at least we hope it is!!
  4. I am having a problem with my Dometic toilet in half bath clogging up. I have a Dometic Vacu Flush in main bathroom and that toilet is fine. The black tank seems to be normal also. It empties as it should. It seems like maybe paper is clogging this one toilet. As soon as I add water, it fills up. In the morning it lowers back down. I don’t know if they make a chemical to add to that toilet that might help or if there is some sort of RV snake that I might be able to use on that toilet? I was just reading posts about Calvon water softener, so I just added some of that to the toilet hoping it might loosen up whatever seems to be making it slow drain or clog. For now, we have just been using the Vacu Flush toilet but my wife is getting frustrated with the whole thing...lol...Does anyone have any thoughts for me? Thanks so much! Ron
  5. I have a 2017 Fleetwood Bounder 36H. I know it does have an inverter but no idea what kind. On my control panel there is a box that says “Magnum Energy”. It reads out my voltage, 13.1, followed by “float” not sure if that is the inverter or not? Sounds like I am OK for now though and appreciate your help...
  6. Excellent thank you very much guys!
  7. I just looked again now it says chassis bat voltage 13.2...
  8. Yes it has been for about a month and a half. My readout says “chassis battery voltage 13.1 v” and “house battery voltage 13.1v”
  9. Ah, OK I understand...thx!
  10. Thanks Wolfe. Sounds like the safest thing us just start the engine, now and then. Appreciate the reply!
  11. If you are parked at a campground and plugged into shore power for an extended period of time (over a month), is it necessary to start your Class A to charge the battery? I am not clear on this and would hate to have departure date arrive, only to find the vehicle will not start... Thank You!
  12. Excellent, thx! Just wanted to make sure I was not making a very expensive rookie error....
  13. Hi Everyone, On an overnight stop-over when you are not going to unhook your toad, do you use your levelers on the motor home? My reason for asking is that last night, after I leveled the motor home and put out my slides, the back end of the MH was quite a bit higher than my towed vehicle. The arms of my blue ox, were on quite an angle, not perpendicular like they are when I am driving. Just wanted to check to see if I am messing something up? Thanks, Ron
  14. That’s very interesting. Thank you for the advice!
  15. Yes I have 50 amp and I do have a box that shows amps inside of coach.
  16. Yes I think you are right as it is kind of a brown color. The crap just does not want to come clean on my windows!
  17. OK I see a white box that says Magnum Energy, I think that is my inverter. Do not see an ATS. To be on the safe side, I should probably shut off appliances etc. and just cut my shore power before starting the generator...
  18. Thanks Bill. I have a 36 H 2017 Fleetwood Bounder. I have no idea if it transfers to generator when plugged in and I couldn’t seem to locate that in my documentation (although it’s probably right in front of my eyes..lol...)
  19. When running our AC we get the condensation dripping down both the passenger and driver side windows. I have tried washing the windows with vinegar but it is almost as if the windows are getting “etched” or something. Does anyone have any experience on how to clean this off? Thanks!
  20. I am somewhat new to the RV world. I currently have a Class A with Onan generator. I understand I should try and run the generator once a month. My question is: I have been plugged in at one campsite for over a month. Can I just start the generator or should I shut off the shore power before turning on my generator? Thanks!
  21. Excellent, sounds like that antenna that Kay sent over is the ticket and you sure can’t beat the price! Thanks everyone. I will send out a quick note when it arrives with my new found, 5 bar, internet connection...lol...thanks again!
  22. Hey guys, yes I have a 7730. Like desertdeals says, it works OK as long as I am in an area where there is a signal. Currently we are up in the Blue Ridge and I have 2 bars of the 5 available. So I guess that was my question. How to get that signal stronger. Kay do you think that external antenna may help in this situation? Thx! Ron
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