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  1. I have the same issue. The Direct Sourcing light fixtures seems to NLA and the plastic covers have become brittle over time. In fact I have one that has no cover and looks horrible looking at the tubes and the light to harsh and not diffused properly. I have done some looking and I was hoping to find a fixture that could fit in the same rectangle hole that the old ones fit in, but have not found anything. 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire 4304
  2. Here was my personal experience with Bikes. I have a 43' DP, with a Toad. It is a 2008 Mini Cooper S with a roof rack where we had both of our beach cruisers. During the hot summer the bottom bracket, (the center section of the frame where the cracks pivot) grease would get hot and drip hot grease out onto the top of the car. Not great and not something that I thought about.
  3. Sorry was not on here for a few days. This engine preheat feature may bein my AQ unit but I do not think it was used. I do not have the switch for preheat on my AQ control panel. It could just be there and run automatic, but I am not sure. I can look into it.
  4. I went a picked up Doris yesterday and she is back home. Turns out it was a aquahot 450D that was installed not the 400D. Looked and it has a better gallons per minute which will be nice. It was a reman unit, but looks brand new to me. Running in tip top shape, all the costs or worth it once you see it all shiny and new.
  5. The RV Geeks just had a live stream yesterday and they are still in their 2005 MADP.
  6. I agree, at the time it seemed like a good idea, but like you said 20/20. Even though there have been repairs, I love our RV.
  7. Manholt, It was quoted though the FMCA recommendation of Warranty Wholesalers of of Sand Diego through Member Benefits. I went back and looked it was not exactly $1,200 a month, was $15K for 3 years, but the payment schedule was $1,200 a month until it was paid up. At the time is seemed high, but like I said in retrospect perhaps it would have been a good idea. Yes it has been a journey, but I think maybe you are confusing me with someone else on things unheeded. I had a full inspection by an independent repair facility as well as Cummins prior to purchase. I even enrolled in MH driving lessons to ensure I knew how to drive such a beast. On top of that I made 4 weekend trips to local camp grounds to ensure I understood how to run every system as well as making sure everything worked prior to any long distant trips. I thought I did pretty good. What things did I miss?
  8. Yes that would have been a good thing. When I requested a quote it was $1,200 a month and I thought, "no way". But with all of these costs including the Aquahot, one AC unit replaced, and a TV as well as the dash AC going out, it would have been worth it. Now not so sure as I cannot think of what else could be replaced. Ceste La Vie!
  9. I have a 2006 Newmar Mountain AIre 4303 which has an older Hydrohot HHE-500 unit that has failed. At first we had a pump go out and the combustion chamber crack and general maintenance it has cost me $2K just in those items over the past 18 months. Then during the winter the until entirely failed when it overheated and the internal heat exchanger cracked and all of the antifreeze ran out the exhaust pipe. After some research and taking it to a Aquahot dealer here in WA it was suggested a get this until rebuilt. A new 400D unit was going to cost about $10K (8K for unit, 2K to install) and a rebuilt was going to be $8K ($6K unit, and 2K) install. With any of this stuff there are unknowns and I am just beside myself that these things cost so much. I opted to get the rebuilt unit a newer 400D as it was a direct replacement. The old unit was removed and sent back as a core and a rebuilt 400D unit was delivered to the dealer and installed. Of course the costs for install were understated and grew from the original $2K to $3,100 which is frustrating. Then they gave me a call and said that there were some blown fuses and during their trouble shooting the control panel is also bad!! That thing costs $500 for a new one and installation and testing! I am sure we are well over $10K for the final bill!!!. Just wanted to vent!
  10. I had a similar issue with the 7 way plug for trailer lights on my 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire 4304. The diagram said there was a fuse, but we could not find the location. I ended up hiring a auto repair guy who said he specialized in electronics. It took him 3 hours to find the fuse was right on the top of the house batteries. It was a burned out in line fuse that was right on top of the House batteries. Strange place for it so I never looked there.
  11. I do really love Doris and we have no plans to replace her (2006 Newmar Mountain Air 4304. My coach is maintained very well and has been maintained well by previous owners. I have 2 full binders of every record and I am containing to do that. The only place that works on the Spartan chassis (Motor, chassis, and Generator) is Cummins. I get everything from them OE all the way. The Coach itself is either me, Andre an amazing independent repair guy up here in WA or Maplegrove RV, unless there is an emergency. I think the only Newmar maintained better than Doris is the RVGeeks 2006 Mountain Aire.
  12. Yes that is the way it is in my coach. I only say that the way it is wired is a bit confusing. I will post a picture of how their are wired when I get my coach back from the deal next week. It is currently getting the Aquahot replaced. Cha Ching$$
  13. Thanks for all the input. I may be right or I may be wrong here are my thoughts. 1. We rarely boondock, my wife does not like it. I have done it for two weeks last year with a friend and loved it. But generally it is Thousand trails and KOA. 2. There is some weird wiring of the 4 house batteries. I have looked at it many times but best I can see if that there are a few 6 volt items so there are some extra battery cables,. When I get #TravelingDoris back from the Dealer I will take a picture so you can all see it. Because of that I wanted to stay with the 6 volt. 3. The cost of lithium is enough to keep me away, but I do not think I will use that capacity anyway.
  14. My reference to AC above is American Coach, not Air Conditioning.
  15. I have a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire and I am in the middle of some upgrades and now I need to purchase new House batteries. There are 4 6 volt batteries currently the Interstate have been in there since august 2014 and have needed replacing since last year. All 4 of the current batteries are building on the sides and I have no idea the life they have lived, but I do know they discharge faster than one would think. So it is time and since I am upgrading the inverter/charger to a Xantrex Freedom SW at the same time it just makes sense. Pulling the old Magnum Energy ME2012 modified sinewave unit. I can get these same batteries from Costco for $89 each, the Interstate CG2 6 volts. However reading the reviews on their site they are not rated real well, but they have lasted 6 years in my coach. I would say 5 years is right as they should have been replaced last year, but I did not do it. I called Pacific Power and they have Crown batteries that they recommend a US made battery and they are $219 each. What would you all do? Spend double on the Crown, or roll the dice on the Interstate (Exide)?
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