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  1. When I purchased my used 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire it had Diamond Shield on it looked horrible. Moldy and cracked. I called Diamond Shield and they said that older product did that, but their new does not and had me contact a dealer to get it removed and reinstalled. I was quoted $950 to remove the old and $1,200 to get new. I decided to have a local 3m dealer remove and I have left it that way. There are some chips but it is fine. I heard getting the front repainted was about $1,000 so I may do that at some point. I even took the time to get a new Vinyl decal made from the front to customize my front end a little. We put in the name of our Coach.
  2. I have a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire 4304 with 81,000 miles. I have the Toyo 144 tires that are 4 years old. I have been thinking about replacing my shocks as I do not know when they were last replaced. I see they are Bilsteins, but not sure which model. My coach is built on the Spartan chassis "Mountain Master" or something like that. Do you suggest I call Newmar or Spartan to figure out which shocks are on my coach. I also have noticed that most of the time I have to steer to the left in order to go straight, and on rare occasions I need to steer right to go straight. I think getting all six wheels aligned is a good idea. I usually do most service at Cummins (it has the ISL400) I think I will take it there to see if they do that alignment.
  3. Brianreed

    Air bag leak

    Thank you Richard for the reminder and yes I did read the warning and will heed them.
  4. Brianreed

    Air bag leak

    I also have an air leak in my front suspension. It takes a day or two for it to dump all the way down. The rear does not go down like the front. IT also builds air within minutes of starting the coach, and never drops so I suspect it is a very slow leak. I have not started to look for it, but I know I should.
  5. I went to a place in Quartzsite, very nice guy. He looked at it and did the same reset I did with the exception that he also unplugged the remote control. This caused a full reset and was good. He then called magnum to see if his hypothesis was correct that I was leaving the inverter on and then starting the generator. I had been doing that and it was working so I suspect the "switch" of some kind that senses that has gone out. So I am just careful about turning off the inverter every time before I start the generator. Like Jim said above the fault was caused by the AC output of the inverter sensing some power on that output so it gives that BackFeed Fault. With the making sure the inverter is off each time everything seems to work, I will get it fixed once i get one.
  6. I have a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire 4304 with a Magnum inverter charger. I have had the coach for about a year and all has been working great. I am currently out at Skadden Wash in Quartzsite, AZ and tonight when I started my generator the Magnum control panel went into fault mode with a red light and a flashing power LED light and the screen shows "Backfeed Fault". I read the manual and also did some internet searches. It says to do a manual inverter reset which I did. It reset the fault and worked fine I could turn on the inverter and things will run fine. But when I switch the inverter off and power up the generator it goes right back to that "Backfeed Fault". I checked everything I could think of and there has been no changes to anything in the coach. I plan on heading into Quartzsite tomorrow as early as I can and find someone knowledgeable to tell me what is wrong. Any recommendations on who I should contact in Quartzsite? I am sure there are many different options, but was looking for someplace with a good reputation? If anyone wants to give me a call, 360-951-3550
  7. Such a nice coach. I have an older Newmar 2006 and love it. When I roll into a park I get a ton of people think it is brand new. I cannot imagine when you roll in, they must think you are from the future!
  8. FMCA called me about attending a recent rally and I sked about the plastic ladder mounts that I had seen. He said they had them in stock, I think it was $20 or so. They sent it out and a week later here it is. We joined early last year just because the message board had been so useful when we were looking for a coach.
  9. We stayed at Candlestick RV Resort last summer. Was slightly better than a parking lot, but was FHU. I think it was expensive like $110 a night.
  10. we have a 2006 Mountain Aire 4304 with the same issue. The manual states what other told us that the reset button is on a loose wire switch behind the passenger switches. I have removed the panel and there is a mess of wires there, but cannot find the switch. I gave up after the second attempt. Perhaps I will come across someone who has my exact same coach and can help me find it someday. We shall see.
  11. Our steps already have the sand paper stuff on the steps. We just liked the covers it was so nice and smooth. We used them like a doormat. I do not miss them now though, so problem solved.
  12. I have heard many people stay are Paradise lake near Bothell, WA. I have been there, it is OK. There may be some closer, but I am not aware of them.
  13. This may not be the right crowd, but was wondering if anyone does the winter in Quartzite? I am going to run down there for some of the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2019 hosted by Bob Wells. Then doing Oberfest hosted by David Bott. Then doing 2 days at the RV tent show then heading back to Snohomish, WA where I live. Anyone else going to any of these?
  14. Thought I would let everyone know what the issue was. I went to go lube the steps and saw that the step covers I installed last summer the bottom one has become unhinged at the bottom. I took that bottom cover off and they operated just fine. As far as I can tell it was hanging up on the arms somehow and causing the step to reverse back in and trying to open again with no luck, over and over again. They are very thin almost felt like steps covers that held on the bottom by springs. Cheap from Walmart. Totally a self caused problem!
  15. Excellent advice. I will do both later today. Thanks so much, this is why I like FMCA so much and the only reason I initially purchased a membership because the forums were so helpful. I have since used the windshield replacement referral, as well as the Verizon deal. I am now signed up for like 3 years in advance. Perhaps I will be able to meet some people some day or even pay back the information by helping someone else.
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