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  1. Bill, I have a 2004 Monaco Dynasty Diamond IV with a Tracstar SV360 that has quit working. I have Directv and I am thinking of replacing the Tracstar with a Winegard RoadTrip T4. Will the wiring on the RoadTrip T4 will fit in the space of the existing Tracstar wiring on the the Monaco? Also, are there any issues with the Winegard RoadTrip T4 that would keep it from working in my Monaco?
  2. I have a 2004 Monaco Dynasty Diamond IV (40 ft.) with an entry step that will not retract this morning. This is the first time this has happened. The owner’s manual says to check the 30 amp breaker (did, it’s on) and then check the 7 amp fuse panel on the outside near the front (driver’s side). This panel says the 7 amp fuse is in the passenger side arm rest. I looked but can’t find this fuse so can someone help me get the step to retract so I can get on the road again?
  3. Thanks so much Rich. Your help is greatly appreciated. I looked on the pages you referenced and within five minutes I had the toilet back in service. Carl
  4. Thanks Rich. I left a zero out of the model number and it is actually Model 3010. Does that make it a 3000 series? Carl
  5. I have a problem with a 2004 Monaco Dynasty Sealand toilet, Model 301 in that the bowl valve is stuck open and it will not do anything. All the instructions say is that low voltage will cause toilet malfunction or failure. First question is how do I get the lid off the tank? It has two clips on the back but I don’t know what do with them. Is the tank where I check for voltage if that is what I need to do? Thanks for your help. Carl Morgan, Lake Havasu City
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