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  1. Enjoy the trip. Did this twice, 2003 and 2016 towing big 5th wheel both times. Take your time and enjoy the journey...the best part. Given your starting point i'm surprised that you don't make the ferry trip on the way home then do the California loop on the way back. We came home crossing the east route at Sweet Grass Montana, it's just a choice. We started in So Cal near Palm Springs. First trip we ferried from Prince Rupert down to Port Hardy and traveled the island south. It was a welcome break after all the driving while headed home. If you have time try and check out the Kenai Peninsula. The drive is beautiful and The trip from Soldotna to Homer is nice. If I ever make the trip again I will home base in Soldotna and salmon fish till my arms will no longer function. Good and safe travels! Watch the roads north of Whitehorse in the YT. They can be un-predictable. Un-matched beauty abounds, more than anywhere I have ever been. Rick
  2. Well...I know that I am a little late chiming in on this, Build quality suffers across the RV'ing industry imho. All types and sizes suffer from this. My last 5th wheel...a 30' Teton Homes Grand Sundance was about the best as far as build quality. Zero structural issues over the 14 years that we owned her. BUT... they all require meticulous maintenance. Fail to do this and bad stuff happens. The solution to your tank support issues is workable for the short haul but I would recommend finding a metal guy that could fabricate some sort of bolt in additional support for your tank. IF your not planning to replace those nylon straps periodically they will rot and break under tension. Now days the 5th wheel industry as a whole is missing the high quality units unless you go with one of the high end builders such as Spacecraft or New Horizons. Last year we purchased a new Arctic Fox. Kind of a mix of quality but the weal areas are not structural. That stuff I can handle tuning a bit. Not many miles on her but pretty satisfied generally. I wanted to buy an older Country Coach but wifey wanted to stay with the 5er. Rick
  3. Hello all. Just checking in to say HI! We are new to the FMCA but have been RV'ing for about 20 years. My name is Rick and my wife is Linnea. We are on our second Fifth Wheel (a 2004 Teton Grand Sundance) We love to see the country and have made the trip to Alaska twice which has by far our favorite adventure. We are considering moving to a motor coach from the fifth wheel and felt we could get no better opinions and information anywhere but by joining this group. Looking forward to interacting in the near future as we begin our information gathering on the motor coach discovery adventure.
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