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  1. All in (total expenses) run us about $4000 a month. Momdoc
  2. Dutchstar is correct most like the unit they have We have the EEZ system and like it and have had no problems with it. It did warn me of a low tire pressure on out toad and when I checked it out it was correct the tire pressure on the rear toad tire was in fact 28 and filled to recommended 32 that afternoon. Left unchecked for a couple of days...who know what could have happened.
  3. **** and Lois that is one of the reasons we chose the DR. It is a huge country and you can drive for 6 hours or more in one direction and never see ocean. We have mountains, and it even snows on Pico Duarte every couple of years to beautiful beaches, jungles and desserts. This as well as huge cities (Santo Domingo is one with a population of over 3 million) and small rural towns. But after nearly 13 years we are ready for something new. momdoc
  4. We sold our MH on RV trader and it took 48 hours to sell. So yes give it a look momdoc
  5. My wife and I are retired early ( 56 for me and 50 for her) and left the US for the Dominican Republic 12+ years ago. We had always wanted to live in the Caribbean. We recently sold our Class C (Isata3) after 18 months and bought a new 2018 Tiffin RED 37PA and are loving it. Currently we split our time between the motor home (3-4 months at a time) exploring various areas of the US and our Villa in the Dominican Republic (2-3 months at a time). The villa is currently on the market and as soon as it sells we will be in the MH full time. We belonged to FMCA many years ago (24 or so) and are looking forward to being part of the community again. We look at life as an adventure and we are getting ready to start the next one… Full Timing. momdoc
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