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  1. Richard, we are full time travelers and I am considering getting the TSD discount card. I also look ahead for each day's travel and locate two or three possible fuel locations, almost always Pilot or Flying J stations. You explanation and experience so far with the card is helpful. One thing I am not clear on yet, prior to running your card at the diesel pump there will be a posted per gallon price, then when you run your card does that price actually show on the pump when you are pumping? When does the add-on from TSD get figured in, is it on the actual pump price you are seeing/pumping or is it added in later? I guess what I'm getting at is I pull in and the email for that day states the discounted price for the Pilot I'm at is $2.30 per gallon. I pump 100 gallons. Is my account actually charged $230, $235, or what exact amount?
  2. Interesting theory, don't think it would work for me to save any money. Even if I never counted in the expense of the extra tanks and a pump, the cost of treating that much fuel plus adding another 1,500 to 1,800 pounds would kill any savings for me. I tow a 24' enclosed trailer that weighs just over 10,000. Without the trailer I can get between 1 and 1.5 more in mpg. So weight does make a different in my Cummins motor I guess.
  3. ISPJS

    tire covers

    We had fitted black ones made in SW Florida when we initially purchased our RV. The company rvwindshieldcovers.com used a sunshade breathable material. They make other stuff but the custom tire covers are top notch and still look brand new. Their phone is 863/660-9225.
  4. Ray beat me to it. Even if you were putting on 40,000 to 50,000 miles a year on your Class A, it would still probably be a few years before you could break even.
  5. I guess I'm still an old boater at heart when it comes to hauling around a ton of fuel. It I understand your post correctly you pull a PU that can hold 96 gallons of diesel between it's OEM tank and auxiliary fuel tank, plus you have 185 gallons tank on your coach? Even though a 2500 miles range would be pretty impressive wouldn't hauling around almost 2,000 pounds of fuel decrease your mpg for a good part of that? In addition, if you don't use that 250 to 280 gallons of diesel in a few weeks do you put any type of additive in those tanks?
  6. Josh, welcome and thanks for posting your experience with TT membership. Maybe it will help a newbie who could be considering all the possibilities.
  7. If you use a Visa card at Pilot/Flying J to get 5% back, how do you also use your Good Sams Pilot card to get the additional 5 cents off at the pump plus the receipt on the iPhone app? When buying diesel I always thought I had to use my Pilot card (Good Sams) to get my 9 cents off?
  8. If your sewer elbow was not screwed securely into the campgrounds sewer inlet, wouldn't the backflow just push your fitting out of the inlet instead of forcing it all the way up your stinky-slinky and into your gray tank? I generally only close my gray a day or so before I know I will be dumping the black.
  9. On the Pilot app you should set up your profile. Fast and easy if it already isn't on there. To get a your receipt just click on "profile" at bottom of the main page and it takes you to the screen that says "messages" and "transactions". Click on "Fuel purchased and receipt" and a list of your fuel purchases will come up. Click on whichever one you want the receipt for. You can view it, print it, or email it. Mine are still on there from the start of 2018.
  10. The newer Pilot/Flying J app has been pretty convenient for me and since they updated it I don't have to pull forward and go inside for a receipt. Swipe Good Sams/Pilot card at pump which gets me 9 cents off diesel. Pump and leave. When I go into the app after fueling it will have my actual receipt. I can even email it, which I do to the DW because she pays the bills. I guess I could print it also myself but I just record the information later for my log book.
  11. I would call Tiffin. With Newmars they have sections of a thin mat that are placed in front of the FWS prior to it being pulled in over the tile floors. I believe 8 of them came with my coach. I haven't used them but the DW recently told me she thinks the rollers are starting to leave marks.
  12. Someone on another forum brought up a good point about this card. What if the vendor makes a mistake on your actual amount charged? It is a direct withdrawal from your account you have given them so how long would it take or how hard would it be to get that sort of thing corrected? If you are traveling and putting $160 to $250 at a time on the card it isn't like you can drop in on the station that made the mistake and have them fix it. It is one thing to have a monthly bill direct paid from one of your bank accounts but I'm not sold on this one yet.
  13. I seriously considered going with the lift and towing 4 down or towing with a tow dolly. Being full time the main reason boiled down to the fact I wanted a garage to keep my Harley in. Plus in bad storm conditions even additional garage space where the car could be tucked away, so I went with an enclosed 24' trailer. Of course the negatives by going this route is length. There are some campgrounds we can not get into but so far it hasn't been an issue. The past 2 weeks we have had to keep our enclosed trailer at one location about 10 miles from our current campground. This is due to flooding in the area we are in and us having to stay at an alternative campground where both our RV and trailer would not fit. For 2 weeks I have had to deal with my car and Harley sitting outside. I keep the bike covered but everything still gets dirty. Someday if we decide to "shorten" our overall length I will probably get rid of the trailer and go with a left.
  14. I believe mine is a 2x6 hollow beam, but not 100% sure. I went with a 24' V nose and haul a Mini Cooper, a Harley Trike, and numerous tools/equipment. My total weight including the trailer is just over 9,700 pounds. It pulls really great. The only modification I did was upgrade the tires for a little extra weight.
  15. Well crap, too late Ray. I wondered why I grew that third nipple last year! Seriously, if AO (agent orange) ain't done me in yet insect spray on my stinky slinky and water hose probably ain't going to do it.
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