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  1. ISPJS

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    These are the perforated bags of moth balls that Lowe's sells. There is probably a very slim chance that someone's dog, steer, or child could crawl under my parked coach and start sucking on a bag of moth balls. If that happens though I will immediately stop using them.
  2. ISPJS

    Best Tire Pressure Monitoring System

    We purchased our first TST brand TPMS about eight years ago when we purchased our first used fiver. It had flow thru sensors with user replaceable batteries. Since then I have needed to monitor 12 tires instead of 4 so we just expanded our TST system. Now we have a bigger new color monitor that does not have to be plugged in all the time with 4 flow thru and 8 smaller sensors. Our TST systems have always worked perfectly.
  3. ISPJS

    Keeping Mice Out Of Motorhome

    Learned a trick living in SW Florida from a neighbor who actually was from down there. To keep rodents and snakes from coming inside your garage he said to put a couple bags of moth balls just inside the garage door. It worked like a charm and we never had any living thing larger than a spider come into our garage. Currently we are only stationary for two times during the year, once up in Illinois for a couple months and then back in SW Florida for 4 winter months. At these sites I toss a couple bags of moth balls under the coach. I rarely smell them outside and never have smelled them inside. We never have snake issues or rodent issues in or even around our RV.
  4. ISPJS

    Happy Veterans Day!

    Want to wish all my Brothers and Sisters out there a Happy Veterans Day!
  5. We are on a auto pay monthly plan. I guess it is still different than that? I went all through the Verizon site and there is no mention of anything like this being brought out?
  6. That is interesting that the "announcement" would be on that site but nothing on the Verizon app yet. My account still is giving me the number of days until I hit the 22 gigs and my data speed will be reduced on my mifi.
  7. ISPJS

    RV GPS

    If I recall correctly the Rand 7720 RV GPS units are set up so you can enter how many propane tanks you have. But like Jim, my current coach is all electric now so I don't worry about it. A year ago when I switched coaches I'm sure I reconfigured the Rand for my new parameters because we still use it as a second GPS on the passenger side when traveling.
  8. ISPJS

    Annual RV Insurance

    Our GS (National General) policy only went up about $70 for the annual renewal recently and we are SW Florida residents. Had one claim and that was a $3,700 windshield replacement.
  9. ISPJS

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    Good point Carl, especially when you consider FMCA is now open to all types of RVs. No doubt there would be a lot of folks encouraged to join and remain members if the discounts were for CGs were there.
  10. ISPJS

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    Actually I may have misspoke, she tells me it will be closer to 17 CGs, plus one Cabela's and one Walmart. We had some obligations and only got to visit 11 states. Part of the problem also was that we enjoyed the mountains in Tennessee so much in the spring that we couldn't help ourselves and returned in the early fall. We are going to have to stop doing that if we ever hope to see most of the rest of the country.
  11. ISPJS

    Park in FL or GA for beginning of March

    Try Creekside RV Resort, Punta Gorda FL. They were adding a section last fall when we left Florida and there could be a possibility they are not completely booked. It is a couple miles from Punta Gorda airport and about 20 miles from Ft Myers airport. Probably anything else in SW Florida will be booked and want to put you on a waiting list.
  12. ISPJS

    Campground Discounts for FMCA members

    The DW hasn't figured the final number yet, but I'm guessing we visited around 20 different CG's for 2018. We always run down the list of possible discounts with them. Usually it will be a PA or GS discount, not one CG has ever offered a FMCA discount.
  13. ISPJS

    installing Air bags

    Can't answer your specific question, however..... When we towed a heavy fiver with our F350 I had Firestone bags put on the rear. With the inside compressor I could adjust my ride on the fly and it was great. Our last coach before this one had the F53 suspension. It was like driving a tall overloaded bread truck. Considered bags all around but went with Sumos instead. It stiffened up the coach and took most of the sway out allowing us to drive down the highway in 10-15mph winds. Overall it still rode rather rough.
  14. ISPJS

    It Can't Be Just Me

    One thing I have noticed while traveling this past year is how different parts of the country offer discounts to active military and veterans. One example is Harley Davidson shops. We visit various ones all over the U.S. Very few of the northern ones offer any type of military related discount and actually look at you like you have three heads if you even ask. Most southern states gladly give 10% off and thank you for your service. Yesterday we stopped in a newer Harley shop in Savannah GA. The DW was picking up a small item and while we stood at the counter to pay we noticed a sign that said active military could only get a discount one day a week. This area is full of young military men and women serving our country and the sign made me mad that this business wouldn't offer the discount to them all week long. We decided to put the item back and not purchase it.
  15. Every RV forum I have ever been on always has this topic come up. It usually gets going pretty good and continues for 7 or more pages debating to all type of side issues. Generally speaking you need to do, or have three basic things for a black tank to continue to work properly: 1) use lots of water. 2) keep your roof vent clear/working. 3) rinse after dumping and travel with 2 to 5 gallons of liquid in black tank.