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  1. ISPJS

    First Year FT Complete

    Guess I should have checked back on this posting, sorry for the 3 month delay! Little Luke is doing pretty good, thanks for asking. He will explain how his pacemaker works to anyone who asks and always has a smile on his face.
  2. ISPJS


    Have you been up on the roof to inspect all the moving parts? There are two coax which could possibly interfere with the movement of a roof mounted dish. A couple months ago we lost signal but I can't recall exactly what the error message said, it may have been the same as what you are seeing. It ended up being the 5' cable that ran from the mount up through the arm to the satellite head. Manufacturer sent a replacement for free. While we were waiting I replaced it with a regular piece of coax to get back up and running. Mine was only 11 months old and certainly did not look damaged or bad but it was.
  3. ISPJS

    Cabin Fever "2019"

    CURE FOR CABIN FEVER: sell everything. Travel around the country in an RV making sure you stay in warm climates. Repeat annually as needed.
  4. ISPJS

    First Year FT Complete

    I agree with the 300 miles a day Carl. When we do our normal planning I try to stay between 250 and 350 a day. Early in 2018 we were going from Pigeon Forge to Peoria, a little over 600 miles. Our grandson was having critical open heart surgery in Chicago and we wanted to get closer just in case things didn't go well for our little 3 year old fighter. I decided to do it in one day and we discovered that compared to pulling a fiver, or even trying to do that in our gas coach, this was a breeze. Since then if we have an issue not locating a good place to overnight I will extend my miles out. We have done the 600 plus a couple other times in 2018 and it was fine but I don't make a habit of it. I would be thrilled to even see 7 or 7.5 miles per gallon for 2019. I will end 2019 with only 18,000 or 19,000 miles on so probably won't see that much of an increase.
  5. ISPJS

    First Year FT Complete

    We were coming up your way, sort of, this fall. We even had made a couple reservations but a certain hurricane changed our east coast plans for 2018. But who knows, I may be reaching out to you in 2019 or 2020 for some on-the-job training! Thanks.
  6. ISPJS

    Bridge clearance - Busted Kenwood DNX571TR

    Stop in a local Pilot, Flying J, or Loves and pick up a Trucker's Atlas. While there also find and purchase a small blue book called "Pocket Truck Stop Guide". The Trucker's Atlas it almost like a regular atlas except it shows all designated highways (where the big dogs can go). It will list each and every low clearance in every state. The small truck stop guide is a really good reference for not only places to fuel but where all rest areas are. With these two items and an I-phone you can get by nicely.
  7. ISPJS

    Tire Savings Benefits. Buy smart!

    Welcome Mark, and thanks for posting your experience on the tire purchase. So, to sum up the FMCA tire program, if you are a "smart" shopper and take your time finding your tires you can actually save more money on your own as compared to using the program. Okay then.
  8. ISPJS

    RV Discount Camping Options

    I joined Escapees last year and started checking their forum on a regular basis. I was eager to pick up some fresh ideas from experienced full timing folks over there. To say I was less than impressed would be a huge understatement. We never joined a chapter or attended any type of rally's because we just move around too much. I suspect the actual members in most of the chapters are probably really nice folks. However the forum is basically ran by 3 or 4 regulars, none of which are current full timers. One gentlemen seems to have some good knowledge and is a weekend moderator, but if you don't agree with every statement he makes then get ready for his verbal attack. Problem is he used to full time years and years ago and has a closed mind to any new ideas or changes. Anyway, for just participating in their online forum to gain some knowledge as a full timer, or possibly even help a newbie out once and awhile, it was falling short.
  9. ISPJS

    RV Discount Camping Options

    About the only discounts we ever see are from PA and GS. Generally those are only weekday discounts and don't amount to much, but they add up through the year and we always get our membership money back within the first 3 or 4 months of traveling for them. The ones that we never find a park giving discounts for is FMCA and Escapees. We are dropping Escapees and I had a weak moment and renewed FMCA recently (thought I would miss Carl too much).
  10. ISPJS

    RV heat

    Don't know what type of RV you have, but when your slides are in does that cover up any heat vents? That would be the only issue I would check before heading down the road with a furnace on.
  11. ISPJS

    First Year FT Complete

    One difference I didn't count on that effects our expenses is the simple fact we are in a tag axle coach this time around compared to pulling a 5th wheel. When we were in our fiver and heading out west we would take several days because I always capped my daily miles around 350 or so. I could take my time and it was just about right. The fiver wasn't set up all that good for dry camping so at the end of every 350 mile day we would of course stay at a CG for between $25 and $35 usually. Now with our current coach I have found that I can easily run 600 to 650 miles in a day and not be tired at the end. We can dry camp because our coach is set up better for that. So if we are just heading somewhere 1600 to 1700 miles away with no points of interest along the way it used to take us at least 5 stays in campgrounds. Now we can do it in 3 easy days with only the middle day staying in a campground. We used to average right at 11mpg pulling our 39' fiver (F350 SRW 4x4). This year we only averaged 6.5mpg with our coach pulling our 24' trailer (Mini + Harley). At first glance it would seem that our total fuel usage would be higher for the year. Not so. With the F350 and fiver all of our transportation needs were met by driving the 1-ton truck. We not only towed the fiver but drove it everyplace while camped. Now we either use the Mini Cooper (32 - 40mpg) or the Harley (30 - 38mpg) for all transportation needs while camped. This has cut our total diesel/gas cost down considerably.
  12. ISPJS

    Thousand Trails Membership Worth It ?

    Dee, that is probably the best explained example of how some TT memberships can work I have ever read. Considering the circumstances and amount paid for your initial membership I certainly understand how it is working for you guys. We just figured our end of year expenses and averaged right at $31 per day for CG fees. That is about $5.00 more per day than I wanted to be at but our 4 months in Florida is driving our average up too much. For 2019 I am hoping to do much better by adding a little more dry camping into the mix and taking advantage of a couple cheaper CGs we found. Safe travels, Joe
  13. ISPJS

    First Year FT Complete

    I'm not really paying any attention to food, eating out, shopping, or recreational expenses, because those are all funds that we would spend if we were in a S&B anyway. As we go along year after year full timing I just wanted to gauge basic RVing expenses, or what it actually costs to travel full time in our coach. Even this first year it was cheaper than maintaining the S&B plus part time traveling in the RV.
  14. ISPJS

    Corrosion in battery tray

    X2 what Carl said. My Newmar is a DP and my engine batteries are very well vented plus they are sealed units, so never any corrosion there. My house bank are wet batteries and that compartment is not very well vented so I do see corrosion in there. I check the distilled water level every month but I still have to use a battery cleaner and wash everything out in there once and awhile. I suspect if it was vented better I wouldn't see as much.
  15. ISPJS

    Newby Again

    Considered renewing my FMCA membership after the first year but decided against it. There were many reasons for this. I did try to visit this forum on a pretty regular basis because there is some good information posted here from time to time. What I didn't realize was that if your actual membership expires they will kick you off this forum also. So, pulled out the credit card this morning and signed on for another year. Guess I will re-evaluate again next December but at least now I know if it expires the forum goes out with it.