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  1. Thanks y'all.Answered my question too.
  2. Verizon too has an unlimited beyond jetpack plan.It will cost you,but it is truly unlimited.
  3. I agree with the above post.Oil level at threads.It doesn't take much lower to be below the axle tubes.Also,the inner dual wraps around the drum itself,so maybe the heat from that brake drum could cause the inner wheel to be a tick hotter,? I don't know.One brake shoe could possibly be working harder than the other side?
  4. I cannot answer your question but, I DO know the front GRILL and HUBCAPS on the MH in this pic are from a 1964-1966 C10 Chevrolet Pickup truck.
  5. Thanks! Always nice to hear of an honest diesel repair shop from someone that has been there. I will add the place to my small list.
  6. Purchased this immaculate 2000 38' Newmar Dutchstar Aug 2018 from a private owner. The service shops had been putting too much oil in it according to receipts and WAYYY over full on the stick..It used 3qts in the 300 mile trip home.Right away,i changed the oil and filter,15w-40 Rotella,and put the correct amount of oil in it per the oil pan that is on the 300 CAT engine. 19qts. We spent the winter (3-1/2 months) in RGV Texas,NM and AZ. Also been to TN and back since then.Let me tell y'all...When this coach had 24qts of oil in it,you could get a whiff of burnt oil almost everytime time you came to a stop.NOW since i have put 19qts in it,we have now drove 6,800 miles and i have NOT added a single quart of motor oil to it.I did read if too much was put in that it will blow it out and may not stop.Well,i can contest to that.I thought at first i bought a severe oil burner,but now i have an engine that is perfectly sealed and pulls any mountain i challenge to climb.
  7. I'm no help as to selling,but when i purchased a used MH i found it on rvt.com You can use filters and narrow a search to what price,year,and brand you are looking for.Something you might look into as far as online sell/buy?? I get the feeling it is a very popular RV site.
  8. Thank you Gentleman.Just what i needed to know.Yea,i will probably call them then .Maybe work out parking the trailer in the parking lot i hope.
  9. I too need information on FMCA Round Bottom Campground in Cincinnati. I made reservations for site #7 Monday night (10/15) one night.My question is,I am pulling an 18' car trailer with my SxS on it and am wondering if the campsites are long enough to get the (38') rig&(18')trl into? I would think a lot of DP's are pulling a towed.Sure hope they can accommodate us.Looking at the campground map,seems to be a tight circle.Any information would be mind relieving here.Thanks in advance. Rod Sorry to hijack this thread but the last post was in June.
  10. Yea i could do small countersunk machine screws but i can't get to it straight-on inside the channel. to even drill them.Even a rivet has to be very short,or peened inside,to clear the second sliding channel inside. These particular arms,i believe are way thicker and better made than the newer version.All they need is new lift handles and will last for many years.
  11. thanks guys.We tried it out on a short trip.I guess i am different,i love this thing.I can pull into a camp site and have that car off and headed to where ever in less than 2 minutes. If i do have to unhook the dolly it's no big deal for me to wheel it out of the way.I'm not debating 4 flat towing,it's just i find this super easy to hook and go vs an air hose and brake set-up to mess with each time.
  12. Yea thanks Bill.I guess i am going to try to make the newer style work somehow.It's just crazy they don't sell replacement for a 2008 awning but it is what it is.
  13. Finally got a hold of Dometic. Gee whiz does that place need some one that is more helpful to answer their phone.She just transfers calls and doesn't have a clue who or where to direct you.She knows NOTHING at all,what-so-ever, to do with roll up awnings but said YES i called the right #.LOL Even the tech woman i got transferred to has never even HEARD of the awning i have on my coach.WOW ,it was built in 2008.She could not even find a part # or even recognized the number in the above pic i sent to her...my gosh.LOL This place is very lost.They need help BAD. Thru other forums and more very limited research,i found out my awning is the 'plus' series and they no longer make those lift handles.I have tried to find 'old stock' (yea right) on a shelf somewhere ,but no luck so far. The newer type handle (830664) shows it WILL,fit the 9000 series but no mention at all about a 'plus series' or even noted on my awning sticker about 'plus' series.It does NOT fit I could maybe modify and cut the opening out larger that the mechanism fits into on the aluminum arm,but the newer handles mount with 1/8" rivets verses 3/16" rivets,and two rivet vs. one rivet,so i would have to move up or down the arm to a new place and start over so the rivet doesn't land in the same 3'16" hole and be loose.This is a shame them not still making these replacement parts or having several in stock.Her i am with a very nice awning system and can't find a simple little part it.
  14. YES.I will try again tomorrow.I had to keep push #'s on their recorded directory then put on hold forever. I was hoping to get something ordered today but doubt that is going to happen now.Thanks.
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