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  1. ^^^ Did he just say....$1,021.oo dollars for a WINDSHEILD gasket ??? Well,I would have to SHOVE that gasket so far it would take a doctor to ever find it. The OP, this probably is not your whistle but,I drove a truck one time that had deer whistles mounted on the mirrors.The insurance company made the trucking company replace them with expensive TUNED,METAL constructed whistles.They were so loud us drivers poked silly putty in them before they drove us nuts.
  2. Some funny mis-haps posted here.I have witnessed 2 of them myself,but neither involved an RV actually.One was about the same setting as Herman posted.We were all setting at camp shooting the bull watching a couple breaking camp and loading their car on the tow dolley.The lady Wore The Pants and told her husband,"SHUT UP and give me the keys I will load the car" LOL....She got in and looked like she floored it.That car hit the ramps,scraped the oil pan,and shot right on OVER.LOLOLOLOL BLAM,it dropped to the frame and the old feller unloaded on here butt.He was screaming,throwing his arms over his head...We had to turn our backs to finish laughing out LOUD.Omg it wasn't,but it WAS funny.After the dust settled,we walked over and offered to lift the car by hand and put it ONTO the trailer,but the older feller said just let'r set..."She knows everything let her figure it out" and he went inside the MH.lol We picked it up for her,then she strapped it down and took off. I honestly felt bad laughing but ,it was they way it all came down.
  3. Yes Sir. Ahhhh,I used to go to a meat market in LaGrange when i lived there and was the manager of Pool Production Services just east of town but i cannot remember the name.The company put me onto a brand new 14x70 mobile home near the entrance of Roicth Mobile Home Park.I think it may be name the OAKS now? Used to go to a bakery to each morning and get me a few pigs-in-a-blanket.Man were those babies good.The whore house was already closed when i lived there though....lol
  4. Jeff,what i have found out while using my Debit card to purchase fuel...I will use it as Credit.SOMETIMES the pump will keep going til i am full at 65-70 gallons.Other times it may let me go until $100 rather than $75 dollars and have to reswipe again.I KNOW this to be true because we take many 2 lane roads when traveling and purchase 90% of our fuel at Murphy Marts all across America.Recently we got a Murphy Check Card, (gas card absolutely free,no charges) to purchase fuel.It saves the company credit card transaction fees by directly withdrawling from your checking account using your checking account routing number like writng a check,so they automatically give you a 3 or 4 cent per gallon discount.Problem is...They STILL will NOT raise the purchase amount and using the free discount card never lets the pump go past $100. but will let you reswipe it. In MAY we bought Diesel Fuel in Ft Worth at Murphys Mart for $1.46 per gallon using the gas card.THAT's quite a savings.Not once had a problem with there fuel.
  5. Good advise Bill. I need to get this in my head right now as i am coming from a tow dolley to rigging my truck at the moment to flat tow.
  6. LOL..Yes Sir sure could! That strong sulfur and gas ate holes thru the copper coils on everyones refrigerator and AC units.About once a year you had to take the back off the TV set and spray tuner spray on the copper tuner to see a picture but,boy have they cleaned it up now.They picked up every old flow line laying on the ground and filled pits in the Darst creek and Salt Flat oilfields.I'm sure those gases have to a toll on my body,but it sure seems different driving through Luling now. NOW you can really smell those 2 post oak wood fired cooking pits at the BBQ joints filling the air....and of course,Mr.Taco
  7. Yes Sir,they both sure do.Back in the day i have probably been on every oil lease you have seen from south Austin to Yokum and MOSTLY Luling and Gonzales,Giddings to Cuero. Luling has the famous 'City Market' BBQ. I call it the best BBQ in the world.Copy cats stole/uses the name 'Luling city market' in Houston,but NO..that isn't the real deal. Lockhart has about SIX BBQ joints that are all famous.Chisolm Trail Q is the best BBQ for the price EVER. 2 meats,3 sides,$8.50 Charcaol,Gas,Wood Pellets are all ok,but you just can't beat that south Texas woodfire Q where the fire has never went out one time in over 100 years.
  8. What timing to ask about a cooking grill.As we speak,i have my 4wd Silverado Reg Cab longbed truck on my lift outfitting it to become a toad.I decided to park the tow dolley and HHR and start towing my pick-up,mainly so i can bring my 30 year old IRON Brinkman Barrel cooker to smoke on while i am hanging around camp.I really do like my Weber Q2200 table top gas grill,but man do i miss smoking me a Brisket,Ribs,or some super good chicken.I have a method of tilting the Smoker and walking it right up into my truckbed ,so simple. I just cannot wait to head out to the pacific coast highway one month from now (after the wife has her girls night out) and wind up somewhere in Az for the winter,after it cools down.Y'all follow the smoke... be sure stop by and try some REAL Luling/Lockhart Tx kind of Q.
  9. I fly Old Glory every day and fold it up every night.During the upcoming holiday,My very old Confederate Stars and Bars will proudly be flying at the opposite end.I do not care WHO it offends.It is MY right and i fly it anytime i want to fly it.That's the way i feel about the whole mess.
  10. Yep....Time for half shafts! CV joints are clicking. 135K is on target.Flat towing the car may have helped them along but certainly didn't CAUSE the parts to wear out. I would get 3 prices for CV shafts because they really vary. Fairly easy job to change them out.I would guess,DIY, approx 1.5hrs total Change BOTH sides,not just the side that is clicking.The other will click next month if not changed now.
  11. When your DRAIN hose was clogged,that means the condensation/water had to go somewhere,so it builds up inside the evap box then runs out along the seam where the box meets the coach.When you turn,or stop,it cause the water inside the box to slosh making it seem like excess evaporation.All of that extra moisture not draining may have caused ice to form on the coil fins. I am sure you fixed the problem by cleaning the drain hose. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On a side note...I just got thru completely refreshing my 2000 Newmar Dutchstar dash AC system two days ago due to the compressor locking up. New Valeo (made in Japan,NOT a China look a like) compressor,new expansion valve,new air drier,flushed out every line,evaporator,and condenser. Pulled and held 30hg's vacuum for 2 hours.Filled with 6oz of PAG46 oil in compressor,2oz in the Dryer,and 4lbs or 134A refrigerant.That baby blows 38* out or the center vent on medium fan.Saved a LOT (TONS) of money doing it all myself,and O'Reilly's tool loaner program.Goodluck to you.
  12. Thanks y'all.Answered my question too.
  13. Verizon too has an unlimited beyond jetpack plan.It will cost you,but it is truly unlimited.
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