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  1. To anyone at FMCA who gives a **** about the members and I don't think that person or those people exit. If FMCAssist dues are increased again or discontinued, I'm out of here. Somewhere within any organization there must be a value. The ability to communicate with other like minded folks was eliminated when FMCA decided to include non-motorized RVs. I can get that for free from a number of other web sites. FMCA is doomed to FAIL. Every time an ambulance drives by FMCA loses a member. FMCA BOD puffed out their chest when membership increased after allowing towables to join. Then PROMPTLY increased our annual dues. What BS!!!
  2. This is my first post. Been a member since March 2017 and still pissed off that FMCA is no longer a MOTOR COACH association. Undecided if I'll renew. To help answer your question. I'd recommend Traverse Bay RV Resort in Traverse City Michigan or Wagon Trail RV in Door County Wisconsin (Ellison Bay). Neither one is 55+ but both are very well maintained. If the temp rises above 85 degrees, it's a "heat wave".
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