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  1. Thanks guys. did not wire the 12v in series. Was sitting there doing more research, when I read Wolfe 10 post and received a call from Trace inverter Tech support. Thanks to all who responded. Again thanks guys.
  2. Herm they are wired the same. I believe, not sure inverter is a Trace.
  3. I've got a 2001 Monaco Knight. I replaced 4- Golf Cart 6V lead acid house batteries with 4-deep cycle AGM 12V batteries wired in series. My concern here is this overkill or will this damage my system in any way. Any problems with my inverter handling the new batteries. Thank for any replies.
  4. I attempted to use FMCA Roadside Rescue on Thursday July 26, 2018 for a tow for my tow vehicle. The tow was four(4) miles to a repair facility. I was informed that there would be a $79.00 charge. This was my first time using the service. I refused the service and cancelled the next day. I had been enrolled for four(4) months. I was told that I would get a $41.97 refund mailed in ten to fifteen days. Remember RV owners, you get what you pay for. CHEAP RV insurance of any kind is not a bargain.
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