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  1. Tire Inflation

    I thought I was being smart when I replaced my d rated tires with e rated tires. It wasn't until I mounted them on my tt that I realized my aluminum wheels are only rated to 65psi. So now I've got e rated tires that are not inflated up to thier max psi(80)/load capacity. Is an e load tire inflated to 65psi better or worse than a d load tire inflated to 65? Edit: I have a tandem axle tt with a 9800lb gvwr
  2. USAA Insurance

    I have all my autos, two rentals, an umbrella, and my tt with usaa. Not sure what they actually would cover on the tt. I was told if we had to file a tt claim while on the road it would be covered under my auto policy. I specifically added the tt on top of that but I don't know if they'd cover a tree taking on it while parked.