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  1. I'm going to weigh it at the next scale I see. This will be after we start our trip though because the closest scale I can find online is a few hours from here.
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    Air Compressor

    I have a viair 88p. I used it for the first time last week to air my truck tires up to capacity, from 55 to 75 or so. The air compressor was not sufficient, it took almost an hour to bump up four stock size Chevy 2500 tires. It was also hot enough to remove my thumb print.
  3. Thanks for your reply. BTW, when you upgraded your tires did you get bolt in metal valves installed too? Luckily (surprisingly) the tire guys at Walmart caught this and added the high pressure valve stems. I would have never thought to upgrade them. The tires are Carlie radials that I bought online and had delivered to me. 2830 load rating at 80psi 225/75/15 etrailer has 80psi wheels https://www.etrailer.com/p-AM20532.html that match the 2800# load capacity of the tires. Truth be told I've never weighed the trailer and have no idea if the extra capacity is needed. Spending 160$ on new wheels that give me an extra 1200# capacity seems worth it regardless. I think I'm going to buy the above wheels before we start our second cross country trip next month.
  4. I thought I was being smart when I replaced my d rated tires with e rated tires. It wasn't until I mounted them on my tt that I realized my aluminum wheels are only rated to 65psi. So now I've got e rated tires that are not inflated up to thier max psi(80)/load capacity. Is an e load tire inflated to 65psi better or worse than a d load tire inflated to 65? Edit: I have a tandem axle tt with a 9800lb gvwr
  5. I have all my autos, two rentals, an umbrella, and my tt with usaa. Not sure what they actually would cover on the tt. I was told if we had to file a tt claim while on the road it would be covered under my auto policy. I specifically added the tt on top of that but I don't know if they'd cover a tree taking on it while parked.
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