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2005 HR And Very Happy

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First, thanks for all the help. Back in OCT. we were looking at a  2001 American Tradition. They would not come down in price so we moved on.

We finally found a 2005 HR Neptune. Good price and good condition. Yes recall on trailing arms has been done. We have one 200 mile trip so far and are loving it.

Planning a trip this spring to Idaho. We sold our class C which we had for 19.5 years. WOW, lots of memories.

Thanks again for all the help.

Looking forward to learning all about DP.

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Congratulations on your new coach. Glad you checked about the trailing arms problem. Now you should add your coach to your signature, here is how.

Click on the three-horizontal bars in the top right side of the page. Click on account. Click on account settings. Then click on signature. You will get a box to enter information that will be public and show up in your signature. Don’t put information like phone number or home address. The state and town would be ok. When you are done click on save. You can look at what others have in their signature. Having some info about your coach will help when you ask questions in the future as you won’t have to re add it each time.

Have you looked at any local chapters? Where are you located?:)



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Congratulations on you new acquisition. Just to be on the safe side keep an eye on the trailing arm. When Monaco did the recall it was said that they used the same trailing arm that broke before the first time.


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