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'05 CC Intrigue: Two Bedroom Slides Will Not Extend

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We have a 2005 Country Coach Intrigue 530.  Our back two slides will not extend.  The yellow light shows that it is fine to extend but nothing happens when we push the switch.  

We can hear the motor when we hit the retract switch though.

 Any ideas how to troubleshoot or who would work on this?  The front two slides work fine.

 We are currently at the FMCA Rally in Chandler, Arizona .  
Thank you 
Mike and Amber Grubb

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Welcome to the Forum.

Sorry for your problems. Are your back slides Hydraulic? If so can you check your fluid level? You may just  be low on hydraulic fluid.

There are several RV Service trucks here in Chandler. Go to the Information Booth and ask them where you can get one. In past rallies I have been to there will be RV Service tables that you can schedule service.

Hope we got you parked quickly once you got to your lot.


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