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Plastic Bottle Dropped Down Toilet

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First, insect repellent will be a metal can and should float. Over time it may deteriorate, in the mean time it will make a great agitator.

That being said, It could come out with the flow when dumping, be sure to use a straight clear extension to be able to see if it come out, then again it could get stuck side ways and block the complete emptying of the holding tank. It has to be removed which could entail removing the drain valve.

I just had a thought. The toilet could be removed and with a flash light and a set of mechanical fingers snatch the can and pull it out from the top side. No matter which way you go it ain't going to be nice job.


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6 hours ago, JackandAlicia said:

An approximately 6 oz plastic bottle of insect repellent fell down our toilet tank. What should we do?

Welcome to the FMCA Forum!

There is always a first time for interesting things to happen ! 

Like DD Mentioned - it might just float  out on its own, kind of depends on how the drain system is setup; but if there is a sharp right angle bend it could also get caught in the area of the gate valve. In that case one might need to remove the gate valve(s) depending on the way things are set up.


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