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Telluride, CO


We are traveling through the southwest corner of Colorado. We would like to spend a few hours in Telluride and wondered if anyone has suggestions as to where to park the RV. 

I know a lot of these little mountain towns can be challenging for bigger rigs.


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Walmart in Telluride😊. Nope.  There is a rather large complex with fuel and I think a store just outside of town. Busy there. I have seen 18 wheelers resting there for awhile. Save room for some fuel, head in and ask if you can leave your coach for only a few hours to sight see in Telluride with your toad. Be pleasant. Offer to buy some diesel. Whatever. Never be afraid to ask, unless you are a player in David Copperfield by  Charles Dickens. 

The town has become extremely popular since we were first there. Very early 90's. We took our 34' right through downtown, to their park. Left it there for a few hours unbothered. There was a hang gliding event starting several thousand feet above the town. It was something to see. A fellow landed very close by. We exchanged pleasantries and he went on about gathering up his gear. 

It is not like that anymore. The park is now only a parking lot. Yes,,there are a lot of trendy stores and interesting places to eat, but when we were first there, people stopped in the middle of Main Street to talk. Dogs under benches while the owner was inside. Bothering no one.

The fall adds extra beauty with the Aspen and snow cover up high. 



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