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2014 Newmar Ventana LE Bedroon slide

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We bought our 2014 coach in April. We took several small trips , to test everything and begin to get our coach legs under us. All worked well. Beginning the first week of October, we started extended travels. We spent the entire month in the coach traveling New England. Sometime during these travels the drivers side bedroom slide, began not completely extending. The trouble seems to be the right top corner as your facing the slide. I watched as my wife extended the slide. The mechanism is all at the base of the slide, so I was not surprised to see the top of the slide at an angle as the slide extended. However the top right falls behind, by about 2 inches. I can push it out easily from the inside,once the slide is extended, to seal against the coach wall. I called Newmar, they tell me it is just an adjustment, but must be done by a dealer. If it is just an adjustment, I would prefer to do it myself. We are living in the coach now, and I do not want to be at a dealer for an extended time.

Any solutions?

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Could You post all the information you can on the slide? You should have some info in the owners information binder.

There should be a brand name and some model info regarding the slide system. The more information you can offer - the feedback info offered will be more relative to the issue you are experiencing.


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