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Inherited an Alpha, see ya 40', 2004

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11 hours ago, manholt said:

There is that thought, how long have the 4 little holes been there & under what kind of weather condition?  That leads to the question of what does the roof underneath look like?  dry root, wet, mold etc. come to mind...don't close the barn after the horse! 

Yes, I know you're right, but not much I can do at the moment unless I pretend this is one of my boats and shrink wrap the upper section..😖

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On 1/5/2019 at 1:26 PM, Boatman1955 said:

The interior is basically good except that it is filthy which I am working on at the moment, but there is some water stains on the ceiling in the bedroom only, and maybe a foot forward of the sliding door for the aft cabin. I just ran my idea past a very good glass man and friend and he says yes, but he recommended epoxy instead of polyester resin if I were going to keep the coach. Yes I am. Even if I were going to sell it I have never been one to skimp on anything.

They are all natural!

Just tell everyone you were in Detroit and someone shot at you with an MP5 it will make a great story.  Once you fix it you will be good to go.

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When you get ready to do the repairs I would  apply heat (heat lamps) and maybe try some vacuum to dry out the interior of the wall. Your friend who does boat fiberglass repair (you have to see if there is water in the core) should have on. Maybe he will let you borrow it. 


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