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Norcold refrigerator

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We are having some issues with our refrigerator.

It seems like it will not connect to the propane for dry camping. Our rig is a  2002Holiday Rambler.

Tried to look on line as to trying to  find what the issue is but no luck. 


Thanks for any input

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

As I am sure you know, refrigerator operation depends on 12+ VDC to the refrigerator. Since it operates on 120 VAC, I would ASSUME that you do have 12+ VDC to the refrigerator PC board.

May take two people to do this, but someone needs to open the outside refrigerator access door while someone else turn on the refrigerator to propane.

Assume propane tank vapor port is open (if stove works, you are good).

How far into the "run on propane" do you get:

Do you hear the clicking of the IGNITOR?

Do you feel the gas valve "click" to allow propane to flow?

Does the flame light-- if so, for how long?

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