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Loose Fleetwood metal hub cap

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On my Niagara both metal hubcaps (small like a metal cup) are really loose and rattling and I can't figure out how to tighten or remove.  Suggestions?


Also, are drum brake pads for these 14" wheels hard to find on the road (we're on a 8k mile trip)?  Are there cross reference numbers to car or truck brake pads that we can tell the auto parts stores so they can look up?


Thanks so much.


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Welcome to the forum. Most of the hubcaps like that that I have seen are inserted when the wheel is off. So I think you should be able to remove them by removing the tire/wheel. I can't give you a good answer to how to tighten them without seeing the part covered by the rim. There may have been a washer or shim to take out the play.

Also I suspect is you are missing a small center that would cover the center hole.

I think if you have the original part numbers you can find brake shoes that will work. If they were in good shape when you left I don't see them wearing out in 8K miles. 

Let us know what you find out. Where are you frome/headed?


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josharrison, those center hub covers are usually just resting against the back of the wheel and are often loose, I wouldn't worry about it or try make it any different.

Your axles are probably made by Dexter Axle co, not the RV manufacture. I am attaching a link below for parts that you can order on-line. Any small trailer dealer (utility, box or flatbed, not necessarily RV dealer) should have those parts in stock. In the past I found it cheaper and much easier to replace the brakes with a completely assembled product from Dexter, 4 bolts and 2 wires, repack the bearings and put it back together. The backing plates wear out also, so the complete unit just made sense, plus is comes with a new magnet.

Brake parts on-line


Dexter axle website;


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