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Help us find a local chapter

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We just joined FMCA and are hoping to find a good local chapter.  We have a 25' Class-C motorhome. We live in California in the Bay Area (Sunnyvale). We're a family with 2 kids ages 3 and 9.  I've been looking at the list of chapters and have been having trouble finding a chapter that would be good for families.  A couple we have found are mostly for retired folks.  We really need a chapter that has kids that our kids can play with.  I think that if we found the right chapter, our kids would thrive in the RV world.  It would also be nice to have some adults that we can hang out with while the kids are running around like crazy. We're definitely willing to drive 3-4 hours for rallies and events.  

Can you help?


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Welcome to FMCA and to the Forum.

Send an email to lcross@fmca.com. Lon is the National Area Vice President for the Western Area. He will be able to help you find a chapter that has families with children.

At at our summer conventions we have activities for and young kids. I don't know what David and Loretta have scheduled for Minot. If you could make it out to Minot for the Convention there is so much to see on the way and back. Mount Rushmore, The Dakota Bad Lands, Yellow stone, Grand Canyon and so much more.

The dates for the convention are August 14-17th. 

If you are able to make it look me up I would love to meet and visit with you. I am one of three Safety Officers. 

Again welcome.


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