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  1. Wondering if there's a factual or significant reason for requesting more regulatory control of this with obvious additional expenses rather than having elected politicians work on fixing items to benefit society?
  2. Sure you posted in correct place ... Herman Mullins (Area VP for the South Central region) will be checking this shortly...He'll certainly be able to help you....
  3. I had also sent a PM .. followed up on our email exchanges with requested specifics on all primarily based Illinois Chapters and copy of all Midwest Chapters for her information...
  4. I put in the charge line and could run off the towed continuously but instead have used a portable battery unit that I siet on the passenger side foot area and run the Patriot brake unit off that .. charge up at nights ... have used it several times to help start other's towed vehicles with dead battery.
  5. We put a timer on the T-9 unit cord and charge it 3 hours twice a day - seems to be working OK without any "charging too long" notices or effects...
  6. Sorry I can't help.... sounds like transfer switch not working or bad connection - but beyond my level.
  7. You probably covered this but did you also mean the breaker on the generator itself was also not tripped...
  8. whiteeagle


    Will be there...
  9. Carl... If you left Sad Diego at 3AM, you loose an hour on the clock but could still be there by noon.. I was signed up to park with AIM but found out I needed to go in on Sunday and will be busy on Tuesday so don't care to move again.. hope we won't be that far away so we can at least run over for a couple of the get togethers..(I informed Diane)
  10. Look forward to it... maybe at the Chapter Fair Tuesday if not before.
  11. In Yuma now for Feb, and working on the fun - actually went to the "Howling at The Moon" event tonight out in the desert.( Yes, it's an actual full moon event with thousands and thousands of folks out there howling at the moon upon it's rising) .Think alcohol makes it brighter and larger for some folks... Google it if in doubt... think it's a "been there and done that" for us .. but unique evening .... Won't get to AIM in San Diego but will be at FMCA Tucson in March...doing "Mentoring", Cart Driving, Chapter Fair and block party for Badger Chapter .. then likely April to Red Bay for the "first year adjustments and corrections" items.
  12. In October when truck Country was having doubts they would ever get it repaired, I started looking just in case... First week of Nov when Bob Tiffin , several other experts told me the motor home could never be repaired to be reliable and safe (all provided to adjuster) I looked at all available Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OPPs in the Midwest - just in case. I became convinced during first week of Nov, that the lightning struck bus would never be repaired nor safe to operate again -- needed one to use / live in so I bought one of the only 5 available and only one that could be ready to go by Nov 15th (as full-timers we had already been cancelling reservations since August) . Bought one of the Tiffin Allegro Bus 45OPP - 3rd one I've bought from Kings in Wausau WI. Couple features we would prefer different but getting better at full-timers flexibility so it's working - Red Bay in the schedule - Nightmare's finally over and continuing on to Adventure Before Dementia.
  13. As mentioned, On week 22 I gave them more information from another expert on diesel engines and the multi-plex systems used in these motor homes .. third day after that - and my posting the recent update in this forum, I received a call that they were now reconsidering and would likely total the motor home and pay the full policy value... have had emails back and forth and finally after the 2 past weeks of further delays, after nearly 6 months, The nightmare with Progressive Insurance ended today - received full payout per the policy coverage for the bus being totaled. Yes, maybe should have gotten an attorney on week 10 when it first became obvious that 1) service center couldn't get things communicating 2) after getting all the advice and support from Bob Tiffin plus other Tiffin key folks recommending bus be totaled, and 3) Truck Country Service Manager stated he did not want to continue working on the unit and informing adjuster it could ever be repaired, and 4) Progressive adjuster and his 2 superior higher levels insisting they were going to take as long as necessary to get others to diagnose this specific bus in spite of all expert advice and documentation based on their historical experiences. Yes, I had been doing serious consulting with an attorney that focuses on insurance bad faith claims since week 17 - kept thinking and hoping they would finally accept all the expert advice (which they finally did) and recognize it should be totaled - without need of a lawsuit (that would have taken several more months to work through today's systems ) and finally -I believe my net payment received is personally advantageous. Bottom line... it's over .... If any major incident ever happened again, as some had suggested, I would bring legal expertise into it at first sign of any delay or insurance company personnel's reluctance to settle claim fairly, fully, and expeditiously.
  14. In Yuma Foothills area.. Last weekend, couldn't get any internet to work on the Sprint hot spot...thought we had been cut off pre-maturely - ordered the replacement T-Mobile hotspot in response to their directive... Yesterday Sprint hot spot worked but slowly.... today, checked this moths usage - it's at 30GB for this monthly period cycle but today it's worthless again.... Unfortunately, over the past 3-5 months, I told several folks how it was working OK for us and a few signed up during past 3 months... now I have to apologize and wish I had never added this Sprint connect hotspot...if the replacement T-Mobile doesn't work any better, I'll be dropping it quickly.... disgusting experience
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