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  1. Great to know that the top FMCA folks already reviewed this incident for you... suspect there will be more conversations with the parties that didn't perform all that well for you. Safe travels .
  2. Thanks Herman... I had sent my example and concern that their interpretation of "Act of God" needed review and parameters defined to the FMCA decision makers and they responded so I know it's being looked at for clarifications. PS.. motorhome still out of commission but diagnosis in progress..
  3. You need to send this experience to all the top folks at FMCA.... that's horrible and should be reviewed with decision makers...I'm traveling so can't easily get you contact info but the emails are on the website. My experience 2 weeks ago with them after being refused emergency service because my motor home went dead after I was hit by lightning while driving (called an Act of God occurrence) was passed on to the decision makers and your experience is even more ridiculous. .
  4. You stated you were in Dodgeville.... many folks have had Kings in Wausau put their base plate, towbar, and brake system in ( I had them do a 2020 Gladiator for me) and I've had Brickners of Antigo do two Blue Ox baseplates for me - one on a 2011 Jeep and one on a 2020 Jeep.... all using a Blue Ox Patriot Brake system -- none cost anywhere near what you were quoted.
  5. MH hit by lightning yesterday driving on I39 in central WI...lost all power.. killed engine and all controls ...called 911 to get help as I was barely able to get coach out of driving lane to side... (MH doesn't coast very far going uhill with no power against major headwind and no power steering).. then called FMCA Roadside assist.... while describing my problem, I told them I was hit by lightning.. they immediately told me I was not covered in any way to any extent because lightning is an act of God so they wouldn't help in any manner...Thanks a lot Roadside Assist. Then was on hold for about 15 min with insurance co trying to get claim filed and them to get large wrecker to move us safer off roadway.... Police tired of waiting so they called in a large wrecker... ended up towing us 60+ miles to service center near Madison... not sure when/what....but understand from agent that "Act of God" is covered by insurance coverage so hopeful they can get us back on the road again ..... prognosis from several experts is very discouraging but haven't heard from shop any info yet.
  6. For past few years, have had Verizon Jetpack, an iPad and our 2 phones -- Noticed on trip west and back that Verizon is now REALLY - REALLY throttling back the speeds after limit ... Had 90GB monthly which usually ran out in 2 weeks or so. ..Got the Sprint M2000 on Thursday in Madison WI.......... Was hoping to connect printer and computer to it .....Tried it there Thurs PM... poor ... Tried it Friday and again Saturday in Wausau and north of there... service lousy - couldn't even keep connected to google.com ........So we have this unlimited M2000 that won't even stay connected to the internet.... will be on trip to and in MN next week, then IA the following week at rallies ... sure hope it works better in those areas.
  7. Lived in 9 different states but started from and ended up in WI. Sold everything and started full-timing 3 weeks ago. Changed everything to daughters family residence in Dane County WI as we'll be around WI and at mid-west rallies for probably 5-6 months each summer anyway. Everything online as much as possible, she'll scan anything important that comes in. Going to try it this way for couple years at least.
  8. I also wonder what in... is happening.... I used the link... it goes to my account ... I'm paid through 4 /22 ... I went to " renew" at the stated price of $50 / year ( 33% off) .... BUT.... at the final step, it pops up a price of 1 year at $75, 2 years at $150, 3 years at $225...... t best, This is a horrible way to process a renewal.... at worst, it's ^&%&*&^... thinking no one should proceed further in this online process.... Shame that FMCA finds it necessary to go this route.
  9. Suspect it's like the normal 80-20 experience in many organizations. 20% contribute operationally to the organization goals and purpose, 80% members but preferring to pay dues based on their perceived economic benefits received and more or less stay in the shadows...... Have no idea how many of the 80% non-chapter members serve on committees, volunteer at rallies, or seek other ways to help organizations they are not satisfied with - would offer that as one way to gain support for their views.
  10. Suspect most "whatever" chapters are not state restricted..... believe most chapter folks would prefer to be in chapter with members in their area which would overlap state borders to socialize with while at .. and outside of events rather than being assigned to one because of their mailing address.... Fortunately, chapter can have members from several states ..... the "whatever" chapter I belong to has members from 10 different states.... some are snow birds that belong to chapter or chapters in each of their primary time areas .. and some are full-timers that move around but enjoy having social groups to associate with in different parts of the country. Understand that some chapters restrict membership to only their state or area. So be it... that's their thing.
  11. I likely can't help Richard find folks he might like to associate with to explore possibilities of common interests or friendships. However... if his SE WI means in the area between Milwaukee, Madison,Janesville,Kenosha, there are 27 member families living in that area in our chapter alone.... and I'm sure several from other chapters as well. If others have similar dissatisfaction with FMCA but not wanting to meet or talk with other members in their area to explore possibilities of friendship or common interests, I fully support what Manholt recommends. Just don't understand why anyone would want "a voice" in an organization but not want to meet or socialize with other members - either chapter members or non members - both locally available and from all across this great country. Doubt $15 annual dues is factor. Maybe FMCA would allow one to organize a "Non Chapter" Chapter and then function fully as an equal to all? Stay safe and healthy.
  12. I believe there are at least 5 active FMCA Chapters with members operating in the SE WI area plus several others more regional or with specific interests. You may have explored all - and possibly discussed your interests and what you would like to see done locally with officers of those chapters? If not, maybe start with Regional VP? Granted that with the current pandemic situation, difficult for organizations to hold more sanctioned events. As a couple not full timing but relatively active in FMCA National, FMCA Regional, 2 FMCA Chapters summer month events, rolling rallies to and from events with friends (not only from our chapters) plus winter snowbird luncheons, and short trips with others, we stay about as active as possible to fit in. Also participate with 3 non - FMCA motor home organizations. Last point I would offer is that National FMCA members do not need to be a Chapter member to attend a Chapter rally of function... Providing space is available, our chapter as well as several others allow and actually invite non members to attend a function (one per calendar year), meet the members, participate in all events, contribute on round table discussions, and decide on membership later. Suspect many chapters (as we do) normally have round table discussion during the function on several topics including RV maintenance, recent mistakes shared, etc. Will step off my Chapter box with best wishes you find what you are after... PM me if we can be of help. Stay safe and healthy.
  13. Was stated ...."I guess my biggest point here is that having smaller and more local events throughout the year would give members and potential members lots more opportunities to get value from FMCA." Kind of like what Chapters do.....we have monthly rallies during the sumers, friendship luncheon's for members during snowbird season for members in FL, AZ, AL....and "rolling rallies" for sightseeing to and/from the Internationals rallies.
  14. I do not believe I ever got the details on that alleged incident ... spoke to SkyMed Rep that would love to check it out further but couldn't give him any thing to check out.
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