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  1. The Badger Chapter usually has around 40-45 coaches at our monthly rallies. The June rally in Door County was cancelled as it would have been a little early to do - a full campground, most activities in Door County WI are pretty restricted and likely will still be so at that point. We are proceeding with our July rally as we have 25 coaches so far that wish to do so. It looks like we'll be able to leave a space between each coach, space out seating in the building for our meals, and only do outdoor activities where participants can stay safely distant. Due to the Midwest Area rally being scheduled in August (and now cancelled), we had not scheduled a chapter rally in August.. but do have one scheduled in September which we are hoping to do with the same expectations that we'll have fewer coaches to allow for additional spacing, with facilities large to enable all tables for 2 or 4 people to be at least 10 feet apart. Naturally, we will be doing the disinfectant of tables, etc, and along with having hand dispensers of sanitizer solution all over, requiring masks, each person will be provided with sand sanitizer for their routine use. Our sound system with the extra mics will allow us to adequately communicate. Rally(s) will certainly be different but members are mostly interested in distant chatting and renewing friendships after a LONG winter, likely comparing senior ailments and relative level of sanity. Looking to make a "No Contact Hug Harbor" and a "No Contact Elbow Bump Station" Will be interesting seeing if others have unusual activities or approaches for friends, food, and fun.
  2. Leaving after rally in northern WI and only have 2 weeks before next rally dates ... and thinking with the 5 other rallies we'll be at next year after getting back from snow-birding, this will be plenty for then........... Maybe if Syracuse get back on the schedule some day, that would make a good trip to catch a couple more...
  3. Planning to go on a 10-12 day tour around Lake Superior.. Interested in some experiences.. Going in fall next year. Have read several articles, found tons of info on areas, etc...Not sure which direction will head yet .. may depend on campground availability. Wondering.. for those that have taken this tour (planning 10-12 days) (probably stopping at 5-6 places, averaging 2 days at each one)...Advice or memories on which resorts/campgrounds did you use (name,city,contact phone or email info if possible) that you would recommend? Any that you would avoid going to again ? Obviously a lot of things to see and do -- Any you feel are best / better "must sees, or must dos" ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Looking for ideas / products that some folks have found - and using successfully that are used when activated - evenings or even if just when away from area .....would want it to provide notice / alarm if and when possible intruder was at towed or outside mh. I believe I'd like a system that would detect motion around or intrusion into the towed and mh, make audible alarm, plus send text/email/call to one or two iphones, and ideally record the event... Anyone have one they would recommend?
  5. I have over 80,000 miles and 9 years on my BO cables.. upgraded BO Patriot system after first 5 years (no charge and in my case, excellent customer service ). When I changed towed...bought a new base plate for that one and new tow bar after the first 55,000 miles - went to the 10000 bar... didn't have a need to switch cables so still have the new ones set aside for whenever. Have had the $35 annual maintenance done on it annually but at Minot, I couldn't get signed up for service this year as they were already full. Hopeful they will increase staff for this valuable service at rallies. Have been pleased with and comfortable using the BO system .. sure others are fine with their choice as well.
  6. Kieth... I am heavily involved with the Badger Chapter of FMCA with members from WI, IA, MN, IL, MI, IN, NE. SD, KS, MO, AL, TX, and a few full-timers. I'll send you a PM with info on our Chapter, our rallies this year and next, and a "rolling rally" we have with 25+ units going collectively on a sightseeing trip while in route to Minot and going into that rally together..
  7. Sent you a pm on some..
  8. I have attended a couple sessions on being a "Wagon Master" or "Rally Host" or whatever you wish to call them at a couple regional FMCA rallies..I believe those were well attended and received well.... like others, have hosted a few.... Our chapter has created a committee for purpose of Identifying potential locations, developing themes and activities, training for and then supporting the hosts of the rallies. There will be a dedicated "round table" discussion at each rally specifically for membership suggestions and Q&A's.
  9. Following month or so in Gold Canyon area, we did Distant Drums RV in Camp Verde in late March for a few days and used car to visit local sites, Jerome, train ride .. then did Williams for a couple days with train ride into and return from Grand Canyon.. Weather pretty uncertain for RV travel in that area for March so plan ahead. May not find good site at this late date?.
  10. Good likelihood that they and maybe the Corporate folks are "selling" or "sharing" that added info they have on you now to other third parties....
  11. Tried search for info but didn't find so asking here for best route from Las Cruces NM to Roswell NM .. Hwy 70 or Hwy 82? Have lost or misplaced my Mountains West book. Have 45 ft Allegro Bus and towing a Jeep..
  12. We'll be there as well - They also have a Facebook page where you can get all the info or request same from Gary & Glenda..
  13. It does... understand it's not available yet... look forward to seeing it when it's posted.. Thank you..
  14. Maybe I missed something but I see a list of titles, I see a list of vendors, I see a children's list of events. What I was looking for is an actual schedule of events and seminars....It would show 1) the event or seminar, 2) what day is it being held or done, 3) what time would it be going on. Maybe this doesn't exist yet but thought it did...... With this info, a person could plan on which seminars and what events they would want to / be able to attend.... and when they would have free time.... etc.... What events and seminars are on Wed and what times are they...... etc
  15. Wondering if anyone knows where I can see the full schedule planned on events, seminars, meetings while at Gillette WY convention this year. Thought I saw it in one of earlier magazines but have apparently discarded that one. The FMCA website has a info box states that one can "see the full digital schedule below" but there's nothing there, and an email sent 2 weeks ago apparently didn't reach a human there so still looking for that info. If anyone knows where the complete schedule may be, I would appreciate being able to find it. Thanks in advance.
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