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  1. Thanks for posting ... not good to plug in nor pull cord out when still hot.... surprised but see this frequently around the country..
  2. I do have the charging line from the motor home to the towd but do not use the towd battery for the brake system... have always used a 700A portable battery charge unit to connect the brake system to so I don't affect the towd battery.. Question however... I thought "cut-off" switches were used on the negative side of the battery ?
  3. Appreciate the feedback ... I've reserved a couple weeks at Bauers Canyon Ranch due to it's proximity to a number of the interesting Parks in the area.... It looks like the most logical route from Flagstaff area is just to take 89 North.... any issues on that route for 45ft towing?
  4. Glad to hear you are interested in joining a chapter and enjoying the fellowship, fun, and social activities involved . There are (at last count) 20+ chapters in the Rocky Mountain Area and I believe 7 with primarily Colorado members.... Probably the best thing for you to do to insure you get all the options and current contact info for all of them is to call Penny Gortmiller in FMCA Hdqtrs at 513-474-3622- ext 238 Penny is in charge of Chapter Services and a great resource.
  5. Thanks .. like the Bauers Canyon option.... noticed that they close for the season on Nov 1 so weather must be a bit iffy there at 5900 ft elevation.... I don't have a problem driving in a bit of snow but I don't want ice. Checking further....
  6. Thanks for the suggestions of those two... Not familiar with any of that area.... we have only about Oct 15 - 28th or so to spend there this year and was thinking weather wise, would likely need to stay in southern areas and plan to get out by end of Oct ? Haven't had much success in past so don't look at sites in National parks due to size of rig....
  7. I'm hoping to visit a couple of the Utah scenic parks in mid-October after the Albequeque balloon fest.....before spending winter months in AZ....... Wondering if there is one or a couple good RV resorts or campgrounds in Southern Utah that a person recommends to stay at - so that we could use Jeep on day trips to visit a couple of the parks in reasonable proximity - and leave for AZ before end of October ....
  8. whiteeagle


    I suspect there are several of the Executive Board including the AVP's, and other Governing Board Members on this forum. When I can be helpful, i have contributed. When it's more appropriate that others reply, I don't, they do. Herman did a great job, Don is continuing to do same. I mostly lurk but do so to learn what folks are thinking and inquiring about as considerations for FMCA going forward. Just haven't felt it was necessary to post on general conversation topics as we full-time travel and busy on several other fronts as well. Stay healthy and safe.
  9. Wondering if anyone has experience / recommendations for campground / resort to visit for week after the FMCA in Perry GA. Will be leaving after FMCA Perry Rally - have 1 week before AIM rally in "The Ridge Resort" in Sevierville TN .... Looks like only logical route is again either through or around Atlanta which is a pain but done several times. Have been to Stone Mountain RV campground previously.... could do it again but maybe another known recommended gem somewhere along the way?
  10. Wondering if there's a factual or significant reason for requesting more regulatory control of this with obvious additional expenses rather than having elected politicians work on fixing items to benefit society?
  11. Sure you posted in correct place ... Herman Mullins (Area VP for the South Central region) will be checking this shortly...He'll certainly be able to help you....
  12. I had also sent a PM .. followed up on our email exchanges with requested specifics on all primarily based Illinois Chapters and copy of all Midwest Chapters for her information...
  13. I put in the charge line and could run off the towed continuously but instead have used a portable battery unit that I siet on the passenger side foot area and run the Patriot brake unit off that .. charge up at nights ... have used it several times to help start other's towed vehicles with dead battery.
  14. We put a timer on the T-9 unit cord and charge it 3 hours twice a day - seems to be working OK without any "charging too long" notices or effects...
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