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  1. WhiteEagle

    Midwest Rally

    We'll be there as well - They also have a Facebook page where you can get all the info or request same from Gary & Glenda..
  2. WhiteEagle

    Event Schedule for Gillette WY Convention ?

    It does... understand it's not available yet... look forward to seeing it when it's posted.. Thank you..
  3. WhiteEagle

    Event Schedule for Gillette WY Convention ?

    Maybe I missed something but I see a list of titles, I see a list of vendors, I see a children's list of events. What I was looking for is an actual schedule of events and seminars....It would show 1) the event or seminar, 2) what day is it being held or done, 3) what time would it be going on. Maybe this doesn't exist yet but thought it did...... With this info, a person could plan on which seminars and what events they would want to / be able to attend.... and when they would have free time.... etc.... What events and seminars are on Wed and what times are they...... etc
  4. Wondering if anyone knows where I can see the full schedule planned on events, seminars, meetings while at Gillette WY convention this year. Thought I saw it in one of earlier magazines but have apparently discarded that one. The FMCA website has a info box states that one can "see the full digital schedule below" but there's nothing there, and an email sent 2 weeks ago apparently didn't reach a human there so still looking for that info. If anyone knows where the complete schedule may be, I would appreciate being able to find it. Thanks in advance.
  5. WhiteEagle


    It may not work for everyone but we sold our previous 2009 Allegro Bus on RV Trader....listed it one day, had 7 inquiries in first 10 days and sold it in 2 weeks... at least it's an avenue worth trying.
  6. WhiteEagle

    Let Meet Up in Gillette

    Planning on meeting you then unless GB mtg or volunteering duties prevent it.
  7. WhiteEagle

    New BBBBBB... To FMCA

    By "short trips" camping I'm presuming you mean around the southern IL area... There are 2 or 3 FMCA Chapters that have rallyies every summer month in that area... They are listed on FMCA Chapters page along with their contact info. If you were interested in longer trips into and around Wisconsin, you certainly would be welcome to join the Badger Chapter as well (Our information is also posted in the " Chapters" listing but there are Chapters that have majority of the members being from your area that likely would welcome your participation. Let me know if I could be of any service in connecting you up with a Chapter you would likely enjoy camping with.
  8. Not elaborate but higher end... Pleasant, full hook-ups nice sites in resort with nice facilities -like Canyon Vista & Gold Canyon Resort in gold Canyon AZ, Bella Terra in Foley AL, Cypress Trails in Ft Myers, Myakka River Resort in Port Charlotte, FL........... realize different parks have different plus/minuses but we enjoy all the pluses ...Likewise, if I can avoid it, just don't wish to sign in to somewhere with a strong negative feature like next to or in flight path from an airport, next to busy railroad, congested neighborhood bordering the park perimeter, sites under dirty live oak trees, etc. The ones I've found around Indio CA look like nice ones with some reasonably priced and others at very high end prices ... but the two around Cathedral City appear just as nice or more with lower rates... ( Desert Shadows and Outdoor Resort). When using Good Sam reference, 8.5 or better, If using PA, pretty much 5's, Park Reviews 4.4 or better.....
  9. Thanks - had done that.. also interested in FMCA forum members thoughts...
  10. Sure there's been info on RV resorts in Indio and Palm Springs area posted and reviewed before but I went through about 15 pages of past topics and didn't find much. We usually have spent time in Gold Canyon area and Tucson area. Thinking about spending some time in Indio area.. Went on web and several places show up... wondering from folks that have spent a winter time month or so in that area, which did you like/ Large class A towing, 2 adults, no pets.. Checking our Shadow Hills, Indian Wells, Indian Waters, Palm Springs, Indio Springs .. any negatives?
  11. WhiteEagle

    Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    Can't do Texas or PA in June but following July FMCA Gillette for day or two still there would work.
  12. WhiteEagle

    Another Bad Pet Story

    Found two large dog droppings this morning in grass on our site about 5' from the entry stairs..... no other units within 30 yards..... amazing how disrespectful so many dog owners are.
  13. WhiteEagle

    Patriot II System Power Source

    I have run my Patriot system off a portable battery / charger unit for years - just there is never any drain on the towed battery... sits and rides in area for passenger's feet. simply charge the unit back up when parked for the night... always availble to use to help others start their toweds when necessary. I do have the extra tailights run from directly from the motorhome connection, and I have the small battery charging line from the motor home connection to the towed battery but have just always preferred to keep the towed's electrical system completely un-disturbed..
  14. WhiteEagle


    Yes. Have both while at home and while on road. In the motor home don't need high powered because IF you ever needed it, you'd obviously be close to target - and don't want to harm neighbors in the background. Have cc license for all but very few states.
  15. WhiteEagle

    FMCA Allowing Towables: Survey On: RV TRAVEL Website

    I would question this survey... I just voted "I am a FMCA member and I vote NO"... I then went back to the "automatic survey numbers"... and the No votes % had gone down... in about 6-10 seconds after I voted NO... go figure !!