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Mel Houle

Wiring Schematics for 2007 HR Endeavor

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Hello Everyone,

I am looking for the wiring schematics for my purchased used 2007 Endeavor 40PDQ motorhome

I did get these from the Holiday Rambler technical center in 2015 just after we purchased this coach however a computer hard drive crash I am no longer able to view them.

I did recently contact REV Technical Center and they really tried to help but were unable to find them in their computer system.

I am really trying to fix an auxiliary 12V heater in the wet bay that is not working.

I have traced the problem to no power to the fan of the heater.

I have actually pulled the small heater out and tested it using jumper wires and it work fine.

The wires in the coach have 12V on the heater line, has ground and  however has no power to the fan line.

Where does this line get it power from?

Is this line fused somewhere (I have check all the fuses I am award of)

(Have not remove the main control panel where the heater turn-on switches are.  I was hoping to have the wiring schematics before opening.)

If anyone has any help I would greatly appreciate it!

Mel Houle

PS if anyone had electronic copies of these schematics please forward them to me at MJHoule@msn.com


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Mel, Welcome to the FMCA Forum!

    There are number of members that have different levels of information on there HR coaches and HR an Monaco information does cross over to different model years. 

There will be others responding to you request and there might be others that have the files you are requesting.

There are members that have had issues with the bay heaters installed and made repairs.

I feel for your lose of information and suffered a number of files being lost when Microsoft tried to up load some updates not compatible to the older operating systems and computer mother boards. 


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Mel, I am slightly familiar as I had a problem down there and traced it all out a few years ago, does your coach have Aquahot? 

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