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Lamp replacement roof remote control spotlight

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I have a blown lamp in my factory installed  Guest remote control spotlight.  (2008 Phaeton) Tiffin has been of of little assistance other than to tell me the rectangular lamp used is no longer supported.  After a few hours on the net, seems I have a Guest 22200 spotlight.  Thing is I can't seem to be able to remove the front trim to get to the bulb.  There seems to be two tabs on the top and one on the bottom.  I should be able to press on them and the front plastic frame should slide out....NO JOY!!  I tried a little silicone spray around the tabs. Again no success.  This light does not have any screws visible.   I don't want to break the plastic shroud in an attempt to "fix" it.  I found a replacement lamp on line.  Now I need to get the darn thing apart!!!

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I finally got it figured out.  Removing the plastic front cover was a pain.  Both buttons on the top of the light must be pressed down at the same time while gently prying out the cover by slipping shim between the lamp face and plastic cover.....ever so gently!!  The plastic latch (button) on the bottom also released using the same method.  Broke the bottom plastic hinge pin...no biggie a drop or two of silicone caulk on the bottom of the fixture worked fine.  A few pix for reference. 

spotlight 1.jpg

spotlight 2.jpg

spotlight 3.jpg

spotlight 4.jpg

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13 hours ago, Frenchie said:

You bet.  Now how was your issue fixed???  Inquiring minds need to know LOL 

I am referring to your inverter and frig issue.

Well, I replaced our Inverter / charger 2 years ago.  Installed a pure sine wave unit.

We are still using the OEM refrigerator, have not needed to change it out for a domestic style unit yet. 

 You might be confusing me with another member.  

Sure good to hear that you figured out how to replace the lamp is in you roof spotlight.


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