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"Stinky" In-Line Water Filter

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During our journeys to Baton Rouge for LSU football games, we spend Thursday afternoon/evening at the A+ RV Park in Sulphur, LA so we can visit youngest son and his family and prep for LSU boon-docking before continuing the drive to BR on Friday mornings.   Our first LSU weekend of the year was ten days ago (9/16-19/19).  This was the first time we've had a chance to use our new-to-us Ventana LE since a long July 4 weekend.   After hooking up water at the A+, I turned-on the cold water side of kitchen faucet and as it started to "spurt and sputter" as air was pushed out of the water line, out came an extremely strong sour / sulfur odor which was bad enough for the propane detector to alarm (propane detectors sense mercaptan odorants in the propane).  I then opened cold water sides of both bathroom faucets and had the same stench come out.    There was no odor in the water at the the RV park faucet.

The only thing I hadn't opened was the permanently mounted in-line Flo Pur brand water filter in the wet bay (http://www.flowpur.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=FP&Product_Code=POE12GHGACB&Category_Code=RVF)    When I opened that filter, I found the basic, carbon cartridge to have a horrible sulfur / stagnant water stench!  It quickly got thrown into the trash !!   Never having this type of filter before, I didn't know nor think that the filter "housing" would hold water and in doing so, the water could become stagnant/sour.

My questions to forum members that have my type of water filter are:

1) When you place your coach in storage for several weeks, do you open the filter and dump water from the filter?

2) After dumping water from the filter, do you remove the cartridge, let it dry, and re-use at the next outing?

3) Would the "hose" filter I used with my previous motorhome and travel trailer be a better choice (those filters never went "sour") --> https://www.walmart.com/ip/Camco-40043-TastePURE-Inline-Water-Filter-with-Flexible-Hose-Protector-Greatly-Reduces-Bad-Taste-Odors-Chlorine-and-Sediment-in-Drinking-Water/14504321?sourceid=csebr03a56c93d3ac5c4940bc0d99500c5c7153&wmlspartner=bizratecom&affcmpid=1116078100&tmode=0000&veh=cse&szredirectid=15693638396709632783510090301008005

Thanks for your thoughts and advice!


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