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Cummins ISC primary fuel pump

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Several have had their primary fuel pump mounting bolts come loose. Last week I noticed a small puddle of diesel fuel underneath my engine, remembering those posts, I took our MH to the local HDT repair shop who also works on MH chassis.

The fuel pump was leaking fuel onto the starter when they did an inspection. Phew_ that is the primary cause of DP fires according to NFPA statistics. So in order to replace the primary fuel pump, first the starter must be removed, pump replaced, starter re-installed; then replace air dryer desiccant filter. Total bill $1,600, if no other problems are encountered.

The mechanic said a bus chassis is the hardest engine to work on, The Spartan MM GT is a bus chassis.

I could save several hours labor if I were still capable of  DIY work underneath our MH, regrettably  old age has claimed another victory over me.

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Likewise glad you were able to get it fixed. One point of importance, inspect your unit each time you use it. If you see or smell fuel dripping on the ground or spot on the driveway, CHECK IT OUT before your hitting the road. It saved me a tow and excessive repair cost and inconvenience more tha once. Ditto on the DIY work.

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