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  1. I live in central Georgia and don't use wheel covers, run Michelin XRV tires, never had cracks or damage caused by UV. I get rid of them when they get any road damage or 5-7 years religiously. I know some of you are from Texas and other sunny places, I don't see a need to cover wheels when out on the road? My tires are not exposed to sun except when away from the pad at home. I am solo now so I am a weekender now and don't spend as much time on the road as years past. I guess what I am saying, the need for tire covers depends on where and how you garage your unit, and how much time you spend on the road.
  2. Thanks Bill, The last Time this was done it was about five years ago and I paid a dealer to do it. $$$$. Money is getting funny nowadays, decided to do it myself. You Texas guys plan on coming up here to Perry this year?
  3. Need to change coolant on 02' Journey with Cummins ISB, need to find out how to insure I get the air out of the system because of the added equipment, hot water heater, the length of the vehicle, act,. to prevent airlock and prevent damage to engine. Exactly what is the drain process, drain locations, and burp procedure for this coach?
  4. Sun Pass published a news release recently that indicated that they signed a deal with EZpass and others that will allow almost nationwide use of the sun Pass and EZpass, it will not be active until sometime in 2021 or 2022.
  5. Glad to hear the wife is doing well and you will be ready to roll soon. My wife can't roll with me anymore so I roll solo now, been of the road for almost two years. Happy Holidays, look for you and Manholt at Perry this year.
  6. If you just need the awning or parts, as much as I hate to refer anyone to them, Campers World can get all the parts or entire awning. My awning had a dispute with a tree last year and I bought a new one from Campers World. Price was competitive, just don't let them install it!
  7. Likewise glad you were able to get it fixed. One point of importance, inspect your unit each time you use it. If you see or smell fuel dripping on the ground or spot on the driveway, CHECK IT OUT before your hitting the road. It saved me a tow and excessive repair cost and inconvenience more tha once. Ditto on the DIY work.
  8. I recently read on another forum where a Coach Net member was charged $400 by Coach Net because his towing/winch job took more than two hours to complete. Up until now I have been satisfied with Coach Net, but if this is true I may have to find a addition tow service. Anyone having experience in this area, I would appreciate any information you can provide. THANKS!!
  9. Current Status: Talked with Cummins Service Tech and Freightliner 24/7 Tech and I believe we have nailed down the cause which confirmed one or more of the suggestions given by board members. FIRST; The problem with the dash light bar, gauge and low air buzzer is one problem likely cause by the VDU module as indicated earlier.To cure this problem I was told to remove the negative battery terminal of the crank battery's and leave them off for ten minuets or so. This would effectively reset the VDU module, and this is the only way it can be done. In the event that doesn't work, than the VDU is defective and must be ether repaired or replaced. I will be doing this reset in the next few days, when I clean up my battery terminals and water the battery's. If I have to repair or replace the VDU, I have sourced them out used for around $400 , new close to $1000. If I can't reset the VDU than I will remove the seal and attempt to solder the four connectors that most often fail. If that doesn't work i will likely by a used one. SECOND:: The "no start" engine condition is not related to the VDU or the light bar issue. The starter relay is found on the 02 Journey on the curb side rail mid-center on the engine. It is mounted to a bracket that projects it below the rail and consequently into the air and water stream when the vehicle is moving down the road, or the wind and rain is blowing under the unit. Both Cummins and Freightliner indicated that the position of this relay on earlier models and the other one on the drivers side (main 135AMP breaker for front end controls) have been problematic due to early failure from corrosion and water. Both Freightliner and Winnebago have subsequently re-positioned the relay inside the nearby compartment, and or re-fabricated the bracket to keep it out of the air/water stream and tuck it away higher between the rail and the engine, depending on the year. I purchased a new one from a Cummins dealer and will replace the relay and in the fall move it into the compartment. This will be a cheap fix, bought the relay for $23.00, the proper name for this part is "Relay Solenoid Magnetic", the White Rogers (MFG) and Freightliner part number is ESX-120-105112-2 I'm optimistic that this will go well now that I have confirmed the cause and remedy, I will update this post after work is completed.
  10. As a emergency measure I need to install a remote start switch in the rear electrical cabinet. Need some info, does the Winny Journey 02 start with a series parallel relay on 24VDC? Anyone else ever did this? Anyone know of diagrams for remote.? Any coaches come stock or option with remote start near the engine compartment? I have to do this because I will not be stuck somewhere because I cant start engine. Comments !!!
  11. The front air guage remained normal throughout, the rear guage dropped to 60+- never below. Dropped faster than the air could leak, believe it to be electrical. Still don't get why the no start issue which never happened before.
  12. Responce: Time between 120 and 60 reading was maybe a second, it was clear the the guage was responding to a electrical problem, not the actual air level.
  13. Greetings; Nice to know you have been missed. Been sidelined for the last year. I am now a caregiver for the DW, unable to get too far from home.
  14. I run a 02 Winnebago 32" with Freightliner XC chassis, powered by Cummins 5.9 ISB engine. Sitting stationary engine off in parking lot when storm blew up for maybe thirty minutes. after storm I started engine and it built air ti 120psi, with front tank at 130, the rear tank fell to sixty and low air buzzer sounded. checked outside, no air leak, maxi-brakes released. Turned engine off to see if that would reset gauges, tried to restart engine would not crank. retried starting several times, finally restarted. drove back to home base uneventful. when i reached home turned off engine and she fired right up. Called Freightliner 24/7 and the tech told me it sounded like dash light strip was bad, might need to be replaced. The start issue had not occured at that point and was not discussed. QUESTION: does the dash light strip have anything to do with engine starting? If light bar is defective, could it prevent engine from starting? Any information that is given is appreciated.
  15. Hi all, I am tiered of getting oil everywhere when filling my 02 Journey up with oil after oil change. Freightliner uses a aprox. 1.5"-2" fill tube which is placed in such a manor that it takes all day to get one gallon in the engine, and it is near impossible to get funnel into it to refill the engine. Has anyone out there developed a nice neat clean way to refill your engine oil. Or know of a gadget that would make this job a little cleaner.
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