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Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires

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Goodyear Endurance Tires Review

 Goodyear Endurance 235x80x16tires worn out in center in 7,000 miles.

1.      The trailer OEM  Triangle tires were replaced at 4 years of age [quality concerns] with approximately 50% of the tread life left.

2.      The second set of tires, Maxis were replaced at 5 years of age with about 50% of tread life left.

3.      The Goodyear Endurance were installed 04/11/19

4.      The Goodyear Endurance tires are worn out 11/09/20 with less than 1/32” of tread life remaining  on one tire.

5.      We employ Tire Minder TPMS monitoring system to insure the sidewall pressure 80 PSI is maintained.

6.      All our trailer tires have been installed and maintained by our local independent tire dealer Tire Pros for the last 20 years.

7.      Goodyear has denied any warranty claim on the tires. Goodyear claims the tires have been overinflated.

8.      I did a plumb bob measurement of the axle to hitch and both side were within 1/8”.  The front axle to rear axle is within  3/16”.

9.      I am not posting this to coerce Goodyear into any actions as even if a new set of tires were offered, I'd refuse. 


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Welcome to the Forum. I do have to agree that the tires look over inflated. Several questions, did all the trailer tire wear in the same way? How often were they rotated?

I ran Goodyear G670's for several years on my motorhome. I always had cupping and excessive wear on the outer edge. I put on TOYO M144's and have not had a problem since. Goodyear makes some good automobile tires, I am not convinced that they good for Motorhomes and now maybe trailer tires.


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Poorturtle, welcome to the forum. Justa couple of questions. How many miles on the Goodyear tires? What is the weight of the trailer loaded and ready to travel? Did all the tires wear the same?


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